10 Interesting Makeup Facts

Sunday, June 29th 2014. | Fashion

Makeup facts inform you with the history of makeup. Women always think that makeup is one of the important things in their life. It can make women beautiful and charming. Let’s find out more about makeup by reading the following post below:

Makeup Facts 1: FDA

FDA not only regular the food, medical devices, over the counter drugs, but also makeup. If the makeup does not have any FDA approval, you need to be aware. The FDA approval is a guarantee that the cosmetic or makeup is safe for you.

Makeup Facts 2: cosmetic

Do you know that the word cosmetic is derived from Greek word, kosmos? The meaning of this word is this world or worldly.

Makeup Bold

Makeup Bold

Makeup Facts 3: makeup products

The modern makeup products in this present day include eye liner, mascara, bronzer, BB cream, CC cream, powder, lipstick, lip balm, eye shadow, blush on and many more. Check lipstick facts here.

Makeup Facts 4: hand skin

It is a wrong decision if you choose the tone of makeup based on the color of your hands. The hand color is very different with the face skin color. It is due to the fact that the hands are washed more often than the face.

Makeup Eyeliner

Makeup Eyeliner

Makeup Facts 5: the first cosmetic in the world

The first cosmetic in the world was invented by the ancient Egyptian people. They made this makeup from lead ore and copper. The main function of the makeup is to protect the skin from the heat.

Makeup Facts 6: Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the best brands of makeup in the world. The name of this company was taken by the name of the founder’s sister, Maybel.

Makeup Kim K

Makeup Kim K

Makeup Facts 7: the first nail polish

China invented the first nail polish in the world in 3000 BC. The nail polish was created by mixing beeswax, egg whites, colored powder and gum.

Makeup Facts 8: pale skin

In the ancient time, pale skin was more desirable than the dark skin. To achieve this pale look, people bleed themselves by cutting a vein or using leaches on the vein.

Makeup Pic

Makeup Pic

Makeup Facts 9: hairless

It is a surprising fact to know that the standard of beauty from time to time is different. In 1400, many women liked to be hairless. They shaved the eyelashes, eyebrows and heads to achieve the hairless look.

Makeup Facts 10: famous makeup companies

There are some famous makeup companies in the world. Some of them include L’Oreal, MAC, Revlon, and many more.

Makeup Products

Makeup Products

The donkey milk and swan fat were used by the ancient Romans people to soften the blemishes, skin flakes, freckles, sunspots, and wrinkles. Are you interested with facts about makeup?

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