10 Interesting Nashville Tennessee Facts

Tuesday, August 19th 2014. | Cities

Nashville Tennessee Facts give you the interesting facts about a city located in Tennessee. Have you ever visited Nashville? It is the home to the famous Country Music Hall of Fame.  The building is very interesting because it features the keys of piano windows. Here are the detail facts about Nashville Tennessee:

Nashville Tennessee Facts 1: the first FM radio license

Do you know that the first FM radio license in United States was granted for Nashville? The city got it in 1941.

Nashville Tennessee Facts 2: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley has a record in Nashville. Do you know that this legendary and famous singer recorded more than 200 of his songs in a historic studio B in Nashville? Learn more on facts about Elvis Presley here.

Nashville Church

Nashville Church

Nashville Tennessee Facts 3: Grand Ole Opry show

Grand Ole Opry show is very popular in the United States. The birthplace of this legendary show is in Nashville? Actually the show was dubbed with the original name of The WSM Barn Dance.

Nashville Tennessee Facts 4: Nashville’s Athena Parthenon

If you visit Nashville, you should never forget to come to Nashville’s Athena Parthenon. This indoor sculpture is considered as the tallest one in the western world. It is located in the Parthenon temple. The height of the statue is around 42 feet.

Nashville Tennessee  At Night

Nashville Tennessee At Night

Nashville Tennessee Facts 5: The Standard Candy Company

The Standard Candy Company is located in Nashville. Since 1912, the company has created various sweet products such as marshmallow, caramel, peanuts, Goo Goo Cluster, and milk chocolate.

Nashville Tennessee Facts 6: Old Glory

William Driver was a retired captain from Nashville who gave the American flag a nick name as Old Glory in 1837.

Nashville Tennessee Pictures

Nashville Tennessee Pictures

Nashville Tennessee Facts 7: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the seventh president of United States. Do you know that he established his house in Nashville? It is equipped with a guitar shaped driveway. Many people call his house as the Hermitage.

Nashville Tennessee Facts 8: guitar pickers

The record of greatest guitarist pickers in the world is taken by Nashville? It reaches the number of 1352. Nashville is always associated with guitar, country music, cowboy hats and high culture. Many people were impressed with the culture and entertainment of the capital city in Tennessee.

Nashville Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee Facts 9: the largest Kurdish community

The largest Kurdish community in North American is located in Nashville. If you want to know more about the community of Kurdish in the city, you can watch the episode Little Kurdistan, USA in the PBS documentary series Next Door Neighboors.

Nashville Tennessee Facts 10: education

Today Nashville gains the title as the music city in US. Actually it was called as the Athens of the south due to the various education institutions in the city. You can find Belmont, Vanderbilt, Lipscomb and Tennessee State universities here.



The Hermitage or the house of Andrew Jackson was visited by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907 in Nashville. What do you think on facts about Nashville?

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