10 Interesting Montgomery Alabama Facts

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Get the detail ideas about the state capital in Montgomery Alabama Facts. The executive branch of the government in Montgomery is led by a mayor. There are nine members who represent the legislative government in Montgomery. If you want to know more about the city, read the following post below:

Montgomery Alabama Facts 1: city seal

The city seal has six pointed stars. You can find the words, “City of Montgomery “,” Birth Place of the Civil Rights Movement”, and “Cradle of the Confederacy”.

Montgomery Alabama Facts 2: city flower, tree, and bird

Montgomery has the official city tree, bird and flower.  The magnolia serves as the city tree, cardinal as the city bird and rose as the city flower.

Montgomery Alabama Facts

Montgomery Alabama Facts

Montgomery Alabama Facts 3: education

80.7 percent of the people in Montgomery Alabama are high school graduates. 29.4 percent of people have bachelor degree or higher degree.

Montgomery Alabama Facts 4: land area and population

Montgomery has the land area of 402.43 km2 or 155.38 square miles. Based on the 2006 data, it was inhabited by 201,998 people.

Montgomery Alabama Mall

Montgomery Alabama Mall

Montgomery Alabama Facts 5: ethnicity

There are various types of ethnicity living in Montgomery. 49.2 percent of them are the black people. 47.7 percent is occupied by the white people. The Hispanics, American Indian, native Alaskan and Asian people make up the rest of the population.

Montgomery Alabama Facts 6: a primary port

Montgomery is famous as the important port because it is situated along the Alabama River. Some nearby cities of Montgomery include Selma, Auburn, Tuskegee, and Prattville. Find out more towns in Alabama facts.

Montgomery Alabama Pic

Montgomery Alabama Pic

Montgomery Alabama Facts 7: the first capital of the Confederacy

Do you know that Montgomery was the first capital city of the Confederacy? Moreover, this city is also famous the important site of civil war movement.

Montgomery Alabama Facts 8: Dr. Martin L. King

Dr. Martin L. King was an important person in the civil war movement. He raised the awareness to abolish the discrimination of black people in US. In 1954 till 1960, he was the pastor of the Dexter Ave Baptist church in Montgomery.

Montgomery Alabama Riverfront

Montgomery Alabama Riverfront

Montgomery Alabama Facts 9: the famous March for Justice

Dr. Martin Luther King also led the famous March for Justice in 1965. The march was ended in Montgomery and began in Selma.

Montgomery Alabama Facts 10: Hyundai Motor Co.

The first assembly plant in US was situated in Montgomery. You can find Hyundai Motor Co here.

Montgomery Alabama

Montgomery Alabama

The Montgomery Biscuits is based in Montgomery. It is the famous baseball team. Do you want to comment on facts about Montgomery?

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