10 Interesting Shaun White Facts

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Shaun White Facts talk about American professional skateboarder and snowboarder. He was born on 3 September 1986. His full name is Shaun Roger White.  He holds a lot of records. Do you know that he has received 10 ESPY awards? He also has gold medals for the X-Games records. This man won gold medal twice in Olympic Games. Here are some interesting facts about Shaun White below:

Shaun White Facts 1: the birthplace

Shaun White was born in 1986 in San Diego, California. He had a congenital heart defect when he was born. The condition is called Tetralogy of Fallot. Before he was one year old, he already had two open heart operations.

Shaun White Facts 2: the ethnicity

Shaun White’s ethnicity is the combination of Italian and Irish. During his early years, he liked to spend his time in small ski resorts and rode to Okemo Mountain and Bear Mountain.

Shaun White Facts

Shaun White Facts

Shaun White Facts 3: skateboarder scene

Tony Hawk was a professional skateboarder who was very interested with the action of White. He mentored a 9 year old White at local skatepark. When White was 17 years old, he became a professional skateboarder.

Shaun White Facts 4: the title

White was famous as a skateboarder after he won a lot of titles. The first person to compete and win in Summer and Winter X Games was White. He was awarded with overall title for Action Sports Tour Champion.

Shaun White Image

Shaun White Image

Shaun White Facts 5: from skiing or snowboarding

At first, he liked to do skiing. But he decided to turn on the snowboarding to follow the footstep of his older brother. He got the first sponsorship when he was seven years old. During his career span, he had taken part in Winter Olympics.

Shaun White Facts 6: snowboard half pipe event

White was successful during the Winter Olympics in 2006 and 2010. He participated in snowboard halfpipe event and won a gold medal.

Shaun White Pic

Shaun White Pic

Shaun White Facts 7: the Winter X games

Since 2002, White always won a medal in Winter X Games. He had collected 13 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals in the competition as of 2013.  Find out a tennis player in Serene Williams facts.

Shaun White Facts 8: Pipe & Slope contest

In Pipe & Slope contest conducted in FIS Snowboard World Cup in Copper Mountain, Colorado, White was the third winner in the competition held in December 2013.

Shaun White Picture

Shaun White Picture

Shaun White Facts 9: the Winter Olympics in 2014

In the Winter Olympics 2014, White took the fourth place for the Halfpipe event.  Get facts about Olympics here.

Shaun White Facts 10: the popularity

White is very popular in the world. He becomes the most talked athlete on Facebook during the winter Olympic Games.

Shaun White

Shaun White

Are you impressed reading facts about Shaun White?

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