10 Interesting Elton John Facts

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One of the legendary musicians is explained in Elton John facts. This man is famous with his wonderful song and voice. People love to him performing with his piano. When you see Elton John sings on stage, you will be touched by his amazing voice. Find out the real facts about him below:

Elton John Facts 1: name

Elton John was born with the name Reginald Kenneth Dwight. His middle name actually was Hercules. Not many people know about it. He got the name Elton John from the name of the Blues Legend Elton Dean and Long John Bladry.

Elton John Facts 2: Candle in the Wind

Elton John sings Candle in a Wind as a tribute to the deceased princes Diana. This song was originally written for Marilyn Monroe.

Elton John facts

Elton John facts

Elton John Facts 3: the most celebrated spats

In the music industry, the man is also famous with his sparring partners. Some of them include David Bowie, Lily Allen and Madonna.

Elton John Facts 4: Bernie Taupin

Bernie Taupin was the writer of most Elton John’s famous songs. Bernie wrote the lyric of the songs and Elton was the one made the tune.

Elton John in Pink

Elton John in Pink

Elton John Facts 5: tour

In 1979, Elton John made a round in the Soviet Union. He was considered as the first pop star to do this activity.

Elton John Facts 6: a very big closet

You will be impressed with Elton John’s closet. This man has very huge closet. You can see boaters, Donald duck costumes, regency wigs, loafers, many clothes, tiaras and many more.

Elton John Singer

Elton John Singer

Elton John Facts 7: Rod Stewart

If you are fans of Elton John, you must know that this man always has a big rivalry with Rod Stewart. Both of them are the two aging rockers who should patch up in the right mood.

Elton John Facts 8: collaboration

There are many kinds of collaboration that Elton John had made in his career music. He had done this collaboration with Five, Tupac, Gary Barlow and John Lennon.

Elton John Sings

Elton John Sings

Elton John Facts 9: playing piano

One of the memorable events is when the man played piano for the Scissor Sisters on ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’. Probably you do not know that Elton actually made friend with the controversial Eminem.

Elton John Facts 10: William Shatner

The one who had the definite version of Rocket man was William Shatner.

Elton John

Elton John

If you want to know whether Elton John actually was a great singer and pianist or not, you need to check his video when he sings on stage. Give your opinion on facts about Elton John here.

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