10 Interesting Gene Kelly Facts

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Gene Kelly facts are useful for any people who want to recognize about this person better. Gene has been considered to be one of great artists around the world. Yet, some people still don’t know more about his life and trivia right?

Gene Kelly Facts 1: the wives

He had two wives who were dancers. The first one was Betsy Blair and the second one was Jeanne Coyne. Yet, Jeanne suffered from leukemia and she died in 1973. His love life seems so much romantic for some people.

Gene Kelly Facts 2: Fred Kelly

He had young brother named Fred Kelly. They once performed dancing vaudeville act together. His brother also ever replaced him as Harry in “The Time of Your Life”. It was in 1942 actually. In fact, he gained Donaldson award for the efforts.

Gene Kelly Actor

Gene Kelly Actor

Gene Kelly Facts 3: “Singing in the Rain”

His film, “Singing in the Rain”, has gained awarded of Laurence Olivier Theatre in 2001 as Outstanding Musical Production. Actually, it was also with the choreography by Kelly.

Gene Kelly Facts 4: National Medal of Arts

He also has gained an award such as National Medal of Arts. It was awarded by President Bill Clinton actually in the year 1994.

Gene Kelly Cute

Gene Kelly Cute

Gene Kelly Facts 5: featured biography

He had also some featured biography within John Wakeman, editor, The H.W. Wilson Company in 1988, American National Biography, and also Oxford University Press in 2002.

Gene Kelly Facts 6: movies involvement

He actually was the member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1959. He did some movie musical as well. The last one was Xanadu in 1980. He was the co-star of Olivia Newton-John. He also had been mentioned within Madonna’s song “Vogue”.

Gene Kelly Facts

Gene Kelly Facts

Gene Kelly Facts 7: 3 children

He had total of 3 children. The first is Kerry Kelly who was with Betsy Blair in 1942. The other two are Bridget Kelly and Tim Kelly who were with Jeanne Coyne in 1960s.

Gene Kelly Facts 8:  the scar

He had unique scar which he got from a bicycle accident when he was a young boy. The scar has the shape of half-moon. It was on his left cheek.

Gene Kelly Pic

Gene Kelly Pic

Gene Kelly Facts 9: the fever

He had a high fever which reached 103 degrees. It happened when he was filming famous rain scene “Singing in the Rain”.

Gene Kelly Facts 10: toupee

His unique appearance is that he wore a hairpiece or some people call it as toupee.

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly

What do you thing facts about Gene Kelly I provided above? Is it still not enough? If that so, you can review more from internet.

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