10 Interesting King Louis XVI Facts

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King Louis XVI facts present the information about the king of Tyrant. Louis was the king of France and Navarre. He was famous with his brutality and extravagant life. He sat as a king from 1774 to 1791. Here are detail facts about King Louis XVI:

King Louis XVI Facts 1: life span

King Louis XVI was born on August 23rd, 1754. He passed away on January 21st, 1793. In 1791 to 1792, he became the king of French. Louis was executed after the French revolution.

King Louis XVI Facts 2: French throne

King Louis XVI became the king after he succeeded the throne from his grandfather in 1774. The father of Louis was Dauphin of France. He was the heir and son of the Louis XV of France. In 1765, Dauphin passed away so that the lineage of the throne came to Louis XVI.

King Louis XVI as Kid

King Louis XVI as Kid

King Louis XVI Facts 3: Louis’ reign

When Louis was the king of France, his reign was marked with the reformation in France created based on the ideals of the Enlightenment.  The efforts were achieved by increasing tolerance on the non catholic people and eliminating the serfdom. However, this reformation was opposed by the French nobility.

King Louis XVI Facts 4: North American colonists

Even though King Louis was tyrant, he supported the North American colonists. His support can be seen on the realization of Treaty of Paris in 1783. He definitely supported the North American colonists to get their independence.

King Louis XVI Facts

King Louis XVI Facts

King Louis XVI Facts 5: French aristocracy

French aristocracy was viewed by the lower and middle people in France with high class style. It increased the financial crisis in the country.

King Louis XVI Facts 6: absolute monarchy

Absolute monarchy was the system in the French kingdom. Louis and Marie Antoinette were viewed as the representative of the French absolute monarchy.

King Louis XVI Image

King Louis XVI Image

King Louis XVI Facts 7: French Revolution

French Revolution marked the end of King Louis XVI reign. It began when riots occurred in Paris. This event was on the Bastille in 1789.

King Louis XVI Facts 8: tyranny of the Ancien Régime

Tyranny of the Ancien Régime was represented by the reign of King Louis XVI. The king ruled the kingdom with conservatism and indecisiveness.

King Louis XVI in Red

King Louis XVI in Red

King Louis XVI Facts 9: arrest

King Louis XVI was arrested on August 10, 1792.   On September 21st, 1792 the first French republic was established. Read France facts here.

King Louis XVI Facts 10: execution

The only king of French executed was King Louis XVI. He also marked the end of the French monarchy for more than thousand years.

King Louis XVI Pic

King Louis XVI Pic

Talking about his name, King Louis XVI was born with Louis-Auguste de France. Are you satisfied with facts about King Louis XVI?

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