10 Interesting China Facts

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China facts are very important for any people who really become so much concerned in how to conduct travel to China. The purpose is to add knowledge in how to avoid any problems visiting such country. Therefore, I want to provide some facts below which you can review actually.

China Facts 1: ancient civilization

If what we discuss here is about China, you may require understanding that it is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. You may recognize that such country has the scholar’s date of 6000 BC. This indeed may become so much unfamiliar for some people right?

China Facts 2: hua to’o

China actually has certain physician called hua to’o. In fact he was the first physician who has performed surgery or operation under the general anesthesia. Such procedure is by making the patient in drinking the good wine as well as wine.

china temple

china temple

China Facts 3: maglev

China actually has certain train which can be considered to be the fastest. The name of the train is the maglev. Such train actually runs without friction of the rail because it uses magnetic levitation. The top speed of the rain is 431 km per hour.

China Facts 4: Aeolian harp

There is certain famous name such as Aeolian harp. The fact is that it is the most famous kite in China. The meaning of such name is the paper birds. Such kits were invented 3000 years ago actually. In such time, the kits were not used for entertainment instead of military.

chinese people

chinese people

China Facts 5: first football?

What you may recognize about China is about the rumor that China was the first who conduct football sport. China is believed had conducted football in 1000 years BC.

China Facts 6: de facto independent

There are two cities which have obtained the status of de facto independent. It means that they have special territories. Those two cities are Macau and Hong Kong. It means also that any China citizens should have internal visa in visiting these territories.

great wall of china

great wall of china

China Facts 7: 3rd largest energy producer

You may understand the fact that China is the 3rd largest energy producers in the world. The other two are Russia and United States.

China Facts 8:  Sichuan province

You may recognize about certain province called Sinchuan in China. There are more than 100 dinosaurs’ fossils. Therefore, it may become the best place to conduct vacation in China.



China Facts 9: Panda

China indeed is famous of the Panda. In fact, such Panda has lived in China for about 2 up to 3 million years. Any emperors of China may keep Panda to repel both natural disasters and evil spirit actually.

China Facts 10: Acupuncture treatment

You may recognize that China has certain treatment such as acupuncture. It is certain treatment which may take benefit from needles to be used for several different points of the body.

beijing dancing

beijing dancing

If you have the plan to visit China, you need to understand first about the facts about China to make your knowledge enhanced first indeed.

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