10 Interesting SE Hinton Facts

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Let me show you the interesting SE Hinton Facts if you want to know the American writer who was born on 22 July 1948. Her full name is Susan Eloise Hinton. She focuses to write the novels for the young adults. One of her best novels is The Outsiders set in Oklahoma. She wrote it during her high school time.  Here are some interesting facts about SE Hinton for you:

SE Hinton Facts 1: awards

There are various kinds of awards that Hinton received due to her brilliant works. American Library Association awarded her with Margaret Edwards Award in 1988. It is because of her writing contribution for the teenagers.

SE Hinton Facts 2: The Outsiders

The Outsiders is the most popular novel of Hinton. It is also considered as her first novel. If you check the novel, it was set in 1960s in Oklahoma.

SE Hinton Pic

SE Hinton Pic

SE Hinton Facts 3: the writing time

In 1965, she began writing The Outsiders.  The inspiration of the book was from the rivalry of two gangs at her school. They were the Greasers and the Socs in Will Rogers High School. Hinton focuses on the Greasers to build sympathy over them by writing the book based on the Greasers’ point of view.

SE Hinton Facts 4: the publication

The Outsiders was published in 1967 by Viking Press. At that time, Hinton was a still a freshman in University of Tulsa.

SE Hinton Picture

SE Hinton Picture

SE Hinton Facts 5: the success of the book

The Outsiders is very popular and successful. It has been sold in more than 14 million copies. Every year, there are 500,000 copies of this book sold in the market. Check facts about Avi the Author here.

SE Hinton Facts 6: the name

To gain the attention from the male book reviewers, the publisher suggested her to use the initials of her name instead of using her female name. SE stands for Susan Eloise.

SE Hinton

SE Hinton

SE Hinton Facts 7: after the success of The Outsiders

After the success of The Outsiders, she keeps writing books and novels. However, she separates her private life with her professional life.

SE Hinton Facts 8: the favorite

There are several authors that she likes such as Mary Renault, Jane Austen and F. Scott Fitzgerald. She enjoys reading their books.

SE Hinton Author

SE Hinton Author

SE Hinton Facts 9: the favorite TV series

One of her favorite TV series was Supernatural. Do you know that she had come to the set of this TV series several times? Get facts about authors here.

SE Hinton Facts 10: David Inhofe

David Inhofe is her husband. He works as a software engineer. Both married in 1970.

Facts about SE Hinton

Facts about SE Hinton

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