10 Interesting Edward Hopper Facts

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Edward Hopper facts can be your basic in learning about such person. Edward Hopper has become so much popular as person who really involved in painting. There are people who have recognized about this man. So, just be attentive in how to get the facts about him here.

Edward Hopper Facts 1: birth

Edward Hopper was born in upper Nyack, New York. It was on a yacht-building center on the Hudson River north of New York City. Any of you need to know about this fact indeed. So, just learn more to gain further information.

Edward Hopper Facts 2: family

Edward Hopper actually was the son of middle-class family. He lived comfortably with this family actually. The parents were Dutch ancestry. They were Garret Henry Hopper and Elizabeth Griffith who both was the dry-goods merchant.

Edward Hopper facts

Edward Hopper facts

Edward Hopper Facts 3: parents

Edward Hopper’s father had a mild nature. In fact, you may realize that the household was dominated by women. It means there were his mother, sister, grandmother, and also the maid.

Edward Hopper Facts 4: National Register of Historic Places

You need to know the fact that his birthplace and also boyhood home was listed on the National Register of Historic Places within the year 2000. Nowadays, you may recognize it as the Edward Hopper House Art Center. It also becomes the nonprofit community cultural center which may gain the function as workshops, exhibitions, performances, lectures, and many special events.

Edward Hopper Gas

Edward Hopper Gas

Edward Hopper Facts 5: talents

Edward Hopper was really a good student in his school. He had shown much talent in drawing at the age of five. He had already absorbed the intellectual of his father. He also really loved Russian and French culture. He had demonstrated the artistic heritage of his mother.

Edward Hopper Facts 6: the paintings

The first paintings were about the architectural and also urban scenes. They were in dark palette. Later he shifted into lighter palette of the impressionists. Yet, he returned to darker palette because he was uncomfortable with light palette.

Edward Hopper painting

Edward Hopper painting

Edward Hopper Facts 7: stereoscopic vision

He had spent much of the time in drawing café scenes and street. He also went to opera and theater actually. He was really attracted to realist arts actually.

Edward Hopper Facts 8:  New York City

He rented a studio in New York City. There he struggled in defining his own style of painting. There he became a free-lancer and needed to went to agency offices in order to find business and gaining money.

Edward Hopper Pic

Edward Hopper Pic

Edward Hopper Facts 9: recognition

In his age of 41, he gained further recognition for his work. He also had good stability in finance and life.

Edward Hopper Facts 10: the death

He died in his studio near Washington Square. It was on May 15, 1967. His wife had collected the works to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper

The facts about Edward Hopper above can be your best information to learn about him. There are still many considerations which you need to pay attention. Just conduct further research out there from the internet actually for better information.

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