10 Interesting Isaac Newton Facts

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Isaac Newton facts give the valuable information about one of the famous scientists in the world. Newton is well known as the theologian, alchemist, astronomer, physicist, philosopher and mathematician. He was born in England. If you are curious to know more about him, find out the information about him below:

Isaac Newton Facts 1: Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica

One of the important books in the history of science is Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This book was written and published by Isaac Newton in 1687. The people who want to know the three laws of motion and universal gravitation need to read the book.

Isaac Newton Facts 2: the universal gravitation law

Let’s talk about the universal gravitation of law by Newton. This man gave the example of the gravitational attractions between the mass of moon and earth.

Isaac Newton Apples

Isaac Newton Apples

Isaac Newton Facts 3: the laws of motion

Newton is famous with his three laws of motion. You can see the example and depiction of the forces acting of motion and body.

Isaac Newton Facts 4: law of inertia

The three motions of laws begin with the first law. It is called the law of intertia.

Isaac Newton facts

Isaac Newton facts

Isaac Newton Facts 5: birth

When he was born, people thought he would not survive due to the small size of body. His mother bore him in premature condition.

Isaac Newton Facts 6: apple

When people talk about Isaac Newton they always think about the legend of an apple dropping on the tree. The real story of this legend is when he was look at the window. At that time, he saw at fruit dropped from the tree.

Isaac Newton Laws

Isaac Newton Laws

Isaac Newton Facts 7: stutterer

Newton considered himself as a stutterer. However, he was very impressed with Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, and Aristotle.

Isaac Newton Facts 8: date of birth

The date of birth of Newton is a bit confusing because at that time people had not used the Gregorian calendar. The record states that the birth of Newton was in Christmas day. He was baptized in the New Year’s Day.

Isaac Newton Pic

Isaac Newton Pic

Isaac Newton Facts 9: apocalypse in 2012

The prophecies about the end of the world are in speculation nowadays. Newton thought that the world will never end before 2060.

Isaac Newton Facts 10: Warden of the Royal Mint

Newton worked as Warden of the Royal Mint when he decided to move to London in 1696. At that time, he had to look after the production of pound sterling.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

When his mother married again with his stepfather, the 3-year old Isaac had to live with his grandmother. That’s why he did not like his stepfather. What do you think on facts about Isaac Newton?

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