10 Interesting Sir Henry Parkes Facts

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Let me show you the interesting Sir Henry Parkes Facts if you want to know the famous Australian businessman and politician. Parkes was the Premier of New South Wales. In the Australian history, Parkes is considered as one of the well known advocates. There is no need to wonder that he was called as Father of Federation. Let’s find out more facts about Parkes below?

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 1: the career of Parkes

In 1872 until 1891, Parkes become the Premier for five different occasions. Then he became the member of Free Trade Party. In 1890, he took the role as the main instigator in a conference. In 1891, he became the instigator for the constitutional convention.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 2: the death

Parkes passed away in 1896. Before his death, he contributed to the first series of meetings which led into the establishment of Australian Federation.

Sir Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 3: the famous person in Australian history

The Times called Parkes as the most commanding figure in Australian Politics when he was alive. Another Politician who was impressed with Parkes is Alfred Deakin. Get facts about Australia here.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 4: the place of birth

Let’s find out the place of birth of Parkes. He was born in Canley, Warwickshire, England. Today, the location is included in the suburban area of Coventry.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts

Sir Henry Parkes Facts

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 5: parents

There is no exact information about his mother. But she passed away in 1842. His father worked as a farmer. His name was Thomas Parkes.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 6: the early life

If you think that Parkes received official education, you are wrong. He only got little schooling when he was young. However, Parkes was smart and educated himself by reading various books.

Sir Henry Parkes Pic

Sir Henry Parkes Pic

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 7: marriage

Clarinda Varney was the name of his wife. Both married on 11 July 1836. His two kids died at a young age. Moreover, the couple had to struggle a lot with the low economy in London.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 8: immigration to Australia

Parkes and his wife decided to immigrate to New South Wales. On 25 July 1839, both arrived in Sydney. Find out New South Wales facts here.

Facts about Sir Henry Parkes

Facts about Sir Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 9: the government job

Due to his hard struggle, he got the government job.  His early job was to inspect the merchant vessels.

Sir Henry Parkes Facts 10: as a poet

Parkes was also an amazing poet. During his leisure time, he wrote poetry. In 1842, his poetry volume was published in Sydney. It was entitled Stolen Moments.

Sir Henry Parkes Picture

Sir Henry Parkes Picture

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