10 Interesting Narendra Modi Facts

Monday, August 18th 2014. | People

If you want to know about the famous politician of India, you have to read Narendra Modi Facts. Modi was born in Vadnagar. It was an ancient town established 2.500 years ago.   He was born with the full name Narendra Damordas Mulchand Modi. Get the detail facts about him in the post below:

Narendra Modi Facts 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Modi is very unique. It was the place where Buddhism and Hinduism spread in the country. Vadnagar is also the home to the famous temple built in 15th century, Hatkeswar Mahadeo temple India. Learn more on facts about India here.

Narendra Modi Facts 2: date of birth

Modi was born on 17 September 1950. Jashoda was his wife. Both were separated soon after the marriage happened.  When it is his birthday, he will seek the blessing from his mother.

Narendra Modi Dressing Style

Narendra Modi Dressing Style

Narendra Modi Facts 3: dressing style

People always characterized Modi with his wrinkle free and well ironed clothes.  It was the habit that he maintained during his teenage era. When he was in public, he dressed well.  He had a lot of kurtas on the closet.

Narendra Modi Facts 4: a cleanliness maniac

It seems that Modi is obsessed with cleanliness. He makes the personal desk and home clean, neat and free from clutter. He always thinks about comfort. When he becomes a chief minister, he preferred the comfortable chartered flight.

Narendra Modi Facts

Narendra Modi Facts

Narendra Modi Facts 5: the best copywriters

Do you know that Modi is called as one of the best copywriters in the contemporary India? He was very famous in Indian advertising agency since Modi was well known with his capability to making events, and paraphrasing ideas.

Narendra Modi Facts 6: multi-media presentations

Modi is always impressed with multi-media presentations. He also developed a big enthusiasm with new technology today.

Narendra Modi Pictures

Narendra Modi Pictures

Narendra Modi Facts 7: economical person

Modi is also famous an economical person. When it comes about the money, he wanted to get the most and spent the least.

Narendra Modi Facts 8: weight

Today, Modi has the weight of 84 kg. Even though he was not young anymore, Modi is a healthy person. But he often faced back pain.

Narendra Modi Speech

Narendra Modi Speech

Narendra Modi Facts 9: astrology

When we talk about the astrology of Modi, he has the sun sign Virgo and the moon sign Scorpio. Many astrologists state that this man who has the star constellation Anuradha stated that he is good in politics.

Narendra Modi Facts 10: Navratra

Navratra is an important event in India. Every year, Modi will fast for nine days during the important holidays.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Modi will check everything written about him through the internet and newspaper every morning. Even though he was traveling, he always does it. Do you want to comment on facts about Narendra Modi?

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