10 Interesting Saint Lucy Facts

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Saint Lucy Facts talk about Lucia of Syracuse or Saint Lucia. Some people often call it Santa Lucia. She passed away in Dicletianic persecution. Saint Lucy lived in 283 till 304. She was known as the young Christian Martyr. The Anglican, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Lutheran churches adored her as a saint. She was respected during the middle Ages. Today, she is still honored by the Christian people. Find out more interesting facts about Saint Lucy below:

Saint Lucy Facts 1: the Canon of Mass

Saint Lucy’s name is also included in the Canon of Mass along with Blessed Virgin Mary. On 13 December, the people in the West celebrate her feast day called Saint Lucy’s Day. Get facts about Mary Mother of Jesus here.

Saint Lucy Facts 2: the early life

The early life of Saint Lucy was explained based on the traditional story. It was believed that Lucy was born in 283. She came from the noble and rich family.

Saint Lucy Big

Saint Lucy Big

Saint Lucy Facts 3: parents

When she was five years old, her father passed away.  Her father had a Roman origin. The name of her mother was Eutychia. Based on this name, the experts believed that she probably came from Greece. After the death of her father, Lucy and her mother had no guardian.

Saint Lucy Facts 4: Virginity to God

The young Lucy was very religious and submissive toward the god. Just like many other young martyrs, she decided to give the virginity to God. She also wanted to help the poor people.  But her mother did not know about it. Therefore, she wanted Lucy to marry a man from rich pagan family.

Saint Lucy Facts

Saint Lucy Facts

Saint Lucy Facts 5: the bleeding

Her mother suffered from bleeding. She was recommended to make a pilgrimage to Catania to visit Saint Agatha.

Saint Lucy Facts 6: a dream

Lucy had a dream and met Saint Agatha. She told her that her mother could be cured due to her faith. Since was of Catania, Lucy would become the glory of Syracuse.

Saint Lucy Image

Saint Lucy Image

Saint Lucy Facts 7: the cured mother

He mother was cured from the bleeding. She encouraged her mother to contribute some of her wealth to help the poor.

Saint Lucy Facts 8: the Governor of Syracuse

The Governor of Syracuse, Paschasius asked Lucy to burn sacrifice to the emperor. She was to be sent in a brothel because she rejected Paschasius’ will.

Saint Lucy Pic

Saint Lucy Pic

Saint Lucy Facts 9: death

The guards who came to Lucy could not take her away because they could not move her. Then they set fire by placing bundles of wood around her body. However, she was not burnt. She passed away by getting stabbed by a sword. Find out facts about Saint Patrick here.

Saint Lucy Facts 10: her story

Her story is very famous and she is honored till today.

Saint Lucy Statue

Saint Lucy Statue

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