10 Interesting John Philip Sousa Facts

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John Philip Sousa facts give the complete information about the March King.  He is considered as a pioneer of a band and marching band music. There are many compositions of marching band music that he had written. If you like to know about his personal life, journey and marching band, read the following post below:

John Philip Sousa Facts 1: parents

Let’s talk about John Philip Sousa’s parents first. His father was John Antonio Sousa. He was in Marine band of US.  His father was a good player of trombone. Maria Elisabeth Trinkhaus was the name of his mother.

John Philip Sousa Facts 2: an American composer

Why was John Philip Souse famous? He was considered as bandleader, conductor, composer of marches and also a performer.  When you see him on the performance, it was amusing.  You can find out his pictures when marching the band.

john philip sousa facts

john philip sousa facts

John Philip Sousa Facts 3: composition

There are several types of composition that John Philips Sousa did. He liked to write about instrumental solos, concert pieces, pieces for the drum and trumpet, songs, suites, overtures and operettas.

John Philip Sousa Facts 4: influence

The one who gave a positive influence toward the marching band was his father John Antonio Sousa. During his childhood, he scrutinized the military band a lot. It definitely affected and shaped his career.

john philip sousa image

john philip sousa image

John Philip Sousa Facts 5: voice lesson

Since music is one of his interests, he began to take lesson to learn about instruments and vocal lesson. In 1860, he studied some marching band instruments such as trombone, piano, alto horn, flute, cornet and many more.

John Philip Sousa Facts 6: violinist

He became a violinist after he was in the marine for more than 8 years.  He also went in a tour. Then he could grab an important position as a theater orchestra conductor.

john philip sousa old

john philip sousa old

John Philip Sousa Facts 7: the leader of the U.S. Marine Band

Based on the timelines, John Philip Sousa was appointed as the leader of the U.S. Marine Band in 1880. He marked the premier of the military band in US since the marine band was changed into The President’s Own.

John Philip Sousa Facts 8: notable works

There are some notable works of John Philip Sousa. One of them is “Stars and Stripes forever. People know this song as the official march of US. Other works include “Washington Post March”, “The President’s Own,” “Moonlight on the Potomac Waltzes,” “El Capitan,” and many more. If you are interested with the notable work of traditional composer, read Johann Sebastian Bach facts here.

john philip sousa Pic

john philip sousa Pic

John Philip Sousa Facts 9: Sousa’s band

John Philip Sousa wanted to have a band of his own so he resigned from his post in 1892. The first concert performance of his band happened on 26th September 1892 in Stillman Music Hall in Plainfield, New Jersey.

John Philip Sousa Facts 10: tour of the band

The popularity of Sousa’s band was huge. The band made a world tour in 1910. In 1900, 1901 and 1905, the band was on a tour in Europe.

john philip sousa

john philip sousa

Before he became notorious band leader, he was only a member of a circus band when he was 13 years. Now he was successful and remembered by all people. What do you think on facts about John Philip Sousa?

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