10 Interesting Mount Everest Facts

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The people who love with mountain climbing should take a look at the Mount Everest facts. This trail of this mountain is challenging. There are many people coming all over the world want to consume the peak of Mount Everest. This is a very risky activity because the condition up there is not so good. Here are the complete facts to understand about Mount Everest.

Mount Everest Facts 1: Height

Do you know the height of Mount Everest? It is measured at 8848 meter or 29,035 feet. The mountain is bordered by China or Tibet to the north part, while in the south is bordered by Nepal.

Mount Everest Facts 2: Formation

The movement of Indian tectonic plate which pushes the Asian plate promotes the formation of Mount Everest. The age of the mountain is around 60 million years old. A unique formation is seen in Grand Canyon facts.

Mount Everest Climbing

Mount Everest Climbing

Mount Everest Facts 3: Rocks

There are several types of rocks that people can see in Mount Everest. Some of them include marble, lime stone and shale. You can see now everywhere when you can reach the summit of Mount Everest. Read Rocky Mountain facts here.

Mount Everest Facts 4: Weather

When talking about the weather on the mountain, it is cold and freezing. The temperature can reach bellow -80 F.  The speed of the wind can blow up to 200 miles per hour.

Mount Everest Facts

Mount Everest Facts

Mount Everest Facts 5: Perfect Expedition

The people who want to enjoy a nice expedition while on Mount Everest can go here in the mid May. This time is called as summit window because it is the perfect time for the climbing activity. The temperature in the mountain is warm with calm wind blowing due to the facts of the movement of jet stream to the north area.

Mount Everest Facts 6: Western Cwm

Western Cwm offers you with hot area. The temperature in this area before you reach the summit of Mount Everest is around 100 F.

Mount Everest Scene

Mount Everest Scene

Mount Everest Facts 7: Sir George Everest

Mount Everest is named after the leader of British survey team called Sir George Everest. The team was the first one to identify the mountain in 1841.

Mount Everest Facts 8: Name

In 1856, the mountain is called as Peak 15. It has the height of 29,002. In 1865, it got the name from Sir George Everest. The people in Tibet call it Chomolungma.  The people in Nepal name it Sagarmatha.

Mount Everest Trail

Mount Everest Trail

Mount Everest Facts 9: Junko Tabei

Junko Tabei is the first woman coming from Japan who conquered the peak for mountain Everest in 1975.

Mount Everest Facts 10: British Expedition

The first attempt to conquer the Mount Everest is done by a British expedition in 1921. The people took the north part of Tibet.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Climbing the mountain is a nice activity to do. The old people want to conquer it. The old man with the age of 80 years old from pan named Miura Yiuchiro was the oldest person to conquer it on May 23 2013. Are you interested to find out more facts about Mount Everest?

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