10 Interesting the Rosetta stone Facts

Thursday, October 20th 2016. | History

If you want to know the full explanation about a rock stelle found in Egypt, check the Rosetta Stone Facts. Rosetta stone was issued on the behalf of King Ptolemy V in 196 BC at Memphis, Egypt. It was a decree. The stone was discovered in 1799. The three scripts were found in decree. The ancient Greek was used to write down the lowest text. The Demotic script was found in the middle part. The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were spotted at the upper portion. Find out other interesting facts about the Rosetta stone below:

The Rosetta stone Facts 1: the similar text

The similar text is found in all three scripts.  The experts can only identify the small differences.

The Rosetta stone Facts 2: the stone

The black granodiorite was used to create the Rosetta stone. The experts believe that the Rosetta stone was probably displayed in a temple located close to Sais.

the rosetta stone facts

the rosetta stone facts

The Rosetta stone Facts 3: the movement

It was believed that during medieval era or beginning of Christian era, the stone was relocated. Look at facts about Modern Egypt here.

The Rosetta stone Facts 4: Fort Julien

Finally, Rosetta stone ended up in Fort Julien for it was used as a part of the materials to build the fort. The location of the fort was in Nile Delta at the Rashid or Rosetta town.

the rosetta stone copy

the rosetta stone copy

The Rosetta stone Facts 5: the discovery

Pierre-François Bouchard was from Napoleonic expedition who went to Egypt. He was the soldier who discovered the Rosetta stone in July 1799.

The Rosetta stone Facts 6: the public interest

The people are interested with Rosetta stone after it was discovered. The stone featured three scripts written in different languages. The public believe that the Rosetta stone is the important key for them to understand and decode the hieroglyphic language.

the rosetta stone

the rosetta stone

The Rosetta stone Facts 7: the copies of Rosetta stone

Due to the high level of public interest, there is no need to wonder that many European scholars and museums provide the copies of Rosetta stone. Get facts about ancient Egypt here.

The Rosetta stone Facts 8: who owns Rosetta stone?

Under the capitulation of Alexandria, Rosetta stone was owned by Britain after the country defeated France in 1801 in Egypt.

the rosetta stone museum

the rosetta stone museum

The Rosetta stone Facts 9: British Museum

Since 1802, British Museum has displayed Rosetta stone. The visitors love to see the stone closely.

The Rosetta stone Facts 10: the dispute

There has been a demand for the Britain to return Rosetta stone to Egypt.

the rosetta stone congress

the rosetta stone congress

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