10 Interesting Othello Facts

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If you really like Shakespeare’s work, you need to read Othello Facts. Othello is one of Shakespeare’s tragedies. It did not end up well because the main characters died at the end of the story.  You will be touched with the romantic story of Othello and Desdemona. Have you ever read the piece before? You have to if you want to know the tragic ending. Here are some interesting facts about Othello:

Othello Facts 1: writing

Shakespeare wrote the story of Othello in 1603. Even though this classic piece is not as popular as Romeo and Juliet, it is still performed all over the world until this present day. Many students of literature also explore the ideas and theme in their study. Get facts about William Shakespeare here.

Othello Facts 2: Desdemona

Desdemona is the main protagonist in the story of Othello.  If you look at the source material of Shakespeare, you can find that Desdemona is the only character who has a name. The story actually did not come up exclusively from Shakespeare imagination. It was inspired from a tale called Un Capitano Moro.

Othello Book

Othello Book

Othello Facts 3: Roderigo

If you compare the work of Shakespeare’s Othello and the tale of Cinthio’s Un Capitano Moro, you can have the character Roderige. Shakespeare added this character in his story.

Othello Facts 4: the tragic hero

Othello is called as the tragic hero in the story. The meaning of his name is wealth. Many historians speculate that the name Othello probably was taken by Shakespeare from the name of an ancient roman emperor, Otho.

Othello Facts

Othello Facts

Othello Facts 5: interracial marriage

If you have read the full version of Othello, you know that Desdemona and Othello have an interracial marriage. This subject was explored in the future in many dramas, movies, and series in Hollywood.

Othello Facts 6: ‘honesty’

During the course of the play, you can hear at least 52 times the world ‘honesty’ spoken in the play. Honesty is a big matter for Othello for he suspected his wife to cheat on him. But Desdemona was very faithful.

Othello Movie

Othello Movie

Othello Facts 7: the first performed play

The play Othello was performed for the first time at Whitehall Palace in 1604. People can check the history of Othello’s premier. During the Hallamas day on 1 November, the play was performed.

Othello Facts 8: the restoration period

Do you know that Othello was not adapted during the Restoration Period? Actually most of his plays were adapted in that era.

Othello Shakespeare

Othello Shakespeare

Othello Facts 9: the film version

If you are interested to know the first movie version of Othello, you can check the 1909 movie. Most of the scenes were shot in Venice, Italy.

Othello Facts 10: the film version in 1909

Do you know the director of the first Othello movie? He was Ugo Falena. The title of the movie was Othello.



Today you can find out different kinds of movie versions of Othello. Do you have questions on facts about Othello?

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