10 Interesting Aboriginal Art Facts

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Aboriginal art facts deliver the important information about the fascinating art that the aboriginal people have as part of their cultures. The art of the indigenous people cannot be separated from their daily life. They like to conduct painting, singing and storytelling. The tribe is native to the land of Australia. Their culture and art has been passed from generation to generation for about 50,000 years. Let’s take a look at the aboriginal art facts below:

Aboriginal Art Facts 1: work of art

When you want to call the art of aboriginal people, you can just have to say an aboriginal art. There are many proofs which suggest that the art of the indigenous people have been presented for thousand years. You can see them on the aboriginal painting and rock carving in the age of 30,000 years old. The old painting tells people about the stories of a sculptor or painter.

Aboriginal Art Facts 2: Bradshaw painting

If you want to know the most popular type of aboriginal paintings, you can see the Bradshaw painting. It was considered as the oldest one. This painting was created on the rock with splash of paint on its surface.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art Facts 3: bark paintings

The oldest form of aboriginal painting is the bark painting. It is not easy to find a bark painting today due to the disintegration of the bark. Now they will use the tree stumps and carved logs to paint and draw.

Aboriginal Art Facts 4: traditional art

Most traditional arts of aboriginal people tell people about stories. The main topic usually is about the dreamtime.  The painting will depict the natural environment which includes kookaburras, crocodile, and kangaroos.

Aboriginal Art Facts

Aboriginal Art Facts

Aboriginal Art Facts 5: natural shades of earth colors

When the aboriginal people draw or paint, they will use the natural shades of earth colors.  They often use brown, yellow and red. To get the white color, they will use the charcoal and pipe clay from the burning wood.

Aboriginal Art Facts 6: Dot Paintings

Dot Paintings are unique. It is a kind of visual art form. This painting belongs to the Western Australia central desert.  The traditional painter will use the seeds and plants to get the natural pigments used to create minute’s dots. They symbolize the patterns.

Aboriginal Art on Stone

Aboriginal Art on Stone

Aboriginal Art Facts 7: iconography

Iconography is called as the aboriginal art symbol. Aboriginal people like to travel a lot. They will record the information about the place that they have visited in a pattern such as using dots and lines.

Aboriginal Art Facts 8: symbols

Most symbols found on the art and paintings of aboriginal people are used to narrate the dreamtime story.

Aboriginal Art Pic

Aboriginal Art Pic

Aboriginal Art Facts 9: interpretation

The main inspiration of the aboriginal people when they make art is the culture and tradition. Most paintings and stories are centered on the culture and tradition. The symbols used in the art usually are dots and lines. They reflect the custom, tradition, and believe system of aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Art Facts 10: contemporary Aboriginal art works

Contemporary Aboriginal art works are the new type of modern aboriginal art. The main difference between the traditional and contemporary art lies on the usage of color. The natural earth color from seed or plants is used to create the traditional form. The contemporary one used the acrylic paint.

Aboriginals Australia

Aboriginals Australia

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