10 Interesting Redditch Facts

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Redditch Facts talk about the famous town in England. It is also called as the local government district in north east Worcestershire.  The town is situated 24 kilometer to the south of Birmingham. Based on the report in 2012, the city was inhabited by 84,300 people. Here are the interesting facts about Redditch below:

Redditch Facts 1: the industry

Redditch had an international industry. It was famous because of the production of needle and fishing tackle industry in 19th century.

Redditch Facts 2: the needles

In 19th century, the production of needles was very high.  It is estimated that more than 90 percent of the needles production in the world was made in Redditch. Check the interesting city in American in Preston facts.

Redditch Facts

Redditch Facts

Redditch Facts 3: the exact location

Let’s find out the exact location of Redditch. It is situated 24 km or 15 mile to the north of Evesham on A435. It is on the south of West Midlands urban area.

Redditch Facts 4: the important road in Redditch

The important road in Redditch is The Roman road.  It spans from the north to the south on the eastern part of the Redditch. Some people often call this road as Icknield Street.

Redditch Image

Redditch Image

Redditch Facts 5: The Borough of Redditch

There are some districts located in the Borough of Redditch. In 1970s and 1980s, the New Tow Districts are located to the east side of Redditch. The south and west areas are occupied by the Former Village Districts. Check Oxford facts if you want to know the famous city in UK.

Redditch Facts 6: an oceanic climate

If you come to Redditch, you can enjoy the similar climate with the most parts of United Kingdom. Based on the Koppen Climate classification, it has the oceanic climate.

Redditch Pic

Redditch Pic

Redditch Facts 7: movie

Redditch is the filming set for Kevin Turkey — The Man Behind The Green Door. It is a movie by Rik Mayall. The movie, Sightseers was party filmed in the town.

Redditch Facts 8: the interesting places

There are several interesting places that you can visit in Redditch. Those include Morton Stanley Park, Bordesley Abbey and Forge Mill Needle Museum.

Redditch Roads

Redditch Roads

Redditch Facts 9: Kingfisher Shopping Centre

If you want to visit the main retail center in Redditch, you can go to Kingfisher Shopping Centre. Prime Minister James Callaghan opened the shopping center in 1976.

Redditch Facts 10: Arrow Valley Country Park

Arrow Valley Country Park is a public open space incorporated with Arrow Valley Lake. It was opened in 2002. You can enjoy the country park along with the interactive exhibition, gift shop and lakeside café.

Redditch Sign

Redditch Sign

Are you fascinated with facts about Redditch?

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