10 Interesting Oxford Facts

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Oxford Facts provide the ideas about the famous city in United Kingdom.  This city is famous with its educational institution, The Oxford University. Many students all over the world want to gain knowledge here. If you are interested to know the detail facts about Oxford, check the following post below:

Oxford Facts 1: nickname

City of Dreaming Spires is the nickname of Oxford.  The name was dubbed by Matthew Arnold. He called it after the famous architecture of the university building in Oxford.  Small Faces also uses this nickname in their “Itchycoo Park” song.

Oxford Facts 2: the first college

The University of Oxford was established in the 13th century. The female students were not allowed to enroll in the university until 1878. In 1920s, the female students were awarded with degrees.

Oxford Facts

Oxford Facts

Oxford Facts 3: tower of Christ Church Cathedral

The tower of Christ Church Cathedral has a unique bell.  When the bell is at 9:05 pm, it will strike 101 times. Many people call the bell as the Old Tom.

Oxford Facts 4: The University of Cambridge

Not many people realize that actually the University of Cambridge was established by the Oxford Students. It occurred because of the conflict between the student and town people in 1209.

Oxford High Street

Oxford High Street

Oxford Facts 5: Mary I

Mary I is one of the famous queens in England. People know her as a Bloody Mary who burned almost 300 people during her reign. The site of the burning people is located on the Broad Street in the center area of Oxford. You can find a cross on the site. Get Mary Tudor facts here.

Oxford Facts 6: capital

In the past, Oxford was the capital city of England.

Oxford Pictures

Oxford Pictures

Oxford Facts 7: the North Oxford

If you visit the North Oxford, you can find two roads which link Woodstock Road and Banbury Road. Both roads are only 2 miles apart.

Oxford Facts 8: The Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum was opened for the first time for public view in 1683. It was called as the first museum to go public in the world. The famous item on display is the lantern of Guy Fawkes.

Oxford Skyline

Oxford Skyline

Oxford Facts 9: authors from Oxford

There are many notable authors from Oxford such as Lewis Carroll, JRR Tolkein, Philip Pullman and Colin Dexter.

Oxford Facts 10:  Oxford English Dictionary

The most famous book from Oxford that people in the world use is Oxford English Dictionary.

Oxford University

Oxford University

There are several prime ministers of England who studied at Oxford University such as Sir Robert Peel, Clement Attlee, and  Margaret Thatcher. Do you want to give comment on facts about Oxford?

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