10 Interesting Calcium Facts

Wednesday, November 27th 2013. | Science

Calcium facts will help any of you who want to learn more about chemistry. It is true that different people have different methods in understanding Calcium. Yet, reading the facts below can become your best effort to do so. Just read more below actually.

Calcium Facts 1: not free

If we are discussing about calcium, you may recognize that it can’t be found free in nature. Yet, you can conduct purification to it to form white alkaline earth metal. Therefore it can be considered to be hard in getting such metal.

Calcium Facts 2: 5th most abundant elements

Second important fact about calcium is about the information that calcium actually is the 5th most abundant elements which people can find in the crust of the Earth. In fact, it can be found within the oceans as well as soil.



Calcium Facts 3: as nutrition

It is no doubt that calcium is important nutrition needed by any living beings. You should know as well that calcium may come to be the part of any biochemical reactions. The most recognizable is in how to build skeletal system as well as in how to moderate the muscle action.

Calcium Facts 4: vitamin D

The fact is that in order to make the absorption gaining better process within human body, you need to know that vitamin D may hold such role. Such vitamin can be converted into hormone which may gain responsibility in the absorption process.



Calcium Facts 5: non toxic

It is a fact as well that calcium is non toxic for human body. Yet, you may recognize that people consuming too much calcium may suffer from problems indeed. Certain common problem is renal failure. So, you need to conduct further consideration in consuming such calcium actually.

Calcium Facts 6: usage

Besides calcium is very important for human body, you need to realize that it has many other usages including to make cement, to make cheese, reduction agent, and others.

calcium foods

calcium foods

Calcium Facts 7: rough reaction

If you mix pure calcium metal with acids or even water, sometimes there is very rough reaction indeed occurring.

Calcium Facts 8:  the name

Some people may wonder about the origin name of calcium. The fact is that people should know that it comes from Latin word such as calcis. The meaning of it is the lime.

Calcium pill

Calcium pill

Calcium Facts 9: 1st century

Calcium has been notified even since 1st century. In such era, calcium is believed to be the significant role to make lime.

Calcium Facts 10: Sir Humphrey Davy

You need to know that such calcium was purified as an element by Sir Humphrey Davy. The year is in 1808.



Chemistry can become so much important for any people who really love such study. In this case, learning calcium can be considered to be important as well. Therefore, facts about Calcium can become significant help to learn better.

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