10 Interesting Marie Curie Facts

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Marie Curie Facts provide the interesting information about the first woman who received the first Nobel Prize. She was a Polish scientist who was famous with her research about radioactivity. Here are the interesting facts about Marie Curie for you:

Marie Curie Facts 1: date of birth

Marie Curie was born on 7th November 1867 in Warsaw in Poland. Her actual name was Maria Sklodowska. But she was famous as Marie Curie.

Marie Curie Facts 2: parents

Her father was Wladyslaw Sklodowski. He was an atheist. Her mother, Bronislawa was a catholic.  In the family, Marie was the youngest one of five children.

Marie Curie Book

Marie Curie Book

Marie Curie Facts 3: death of family

The eldest child in the family died when Marie was only 9 years old because of typhus. Then she had to lose her mother because of tuberculosis two years after the death of her sister.

Marie Curie Facts 4: agnostic person

The death of her sibling and mother affected the religion of Marie Curie. She chose to be an agnostic person rather than end up in Catholicism. Agnostic is a belief that the existence of God is unknowable.

Marie Curie Facts

Marie Curie Facts

Marie Curie Facts 5: a female student

Becoming a female student in Warsaw was not easy.  Marie could not pursue a higher education because she was a woman. She was rejected in an institute in Russia. Marie and her sister decided to enroll in Flying University where women were accepted as students.

Marie Curie Facts 6: difficult finance

Both Marie and Bronya wanted to have official degree by studying abroad. But both of them did not have much money to cover the tuition. Both made a promise that Marie would provide finance so that Bronya could finish her medical study in Paris. If Bronya had complicated her study, she would cover the tuition of Marie as a return.

Marie Curie Lab

Marie Curie Lab

Marie Curie Facts 7: working as a tutor

To earn the money, Marie worked as a tutor for five years. She educated herself about mathematics chemistry and physics. Find out another great scientist in Leonardo Fibonacci facts.

Marie Curie Facts 8: Pierre Curie

When Marie wanted to have a larger laboratory, she was introduced to Pierre Curie by Professor Jozef Wierusz-Kowalski.

Marie Curie Quote

Marie Curie Quote

Marie Curie Facts 9: marriage

Pierre Curie and Marie get married after the love sparked between them. They did not use a religious ceremony for the marriage in July 1895. Instead of a bridal gown, Marie wore a dark blue outfit that she used as a lab outfit.

Marie Curie Facts10: radioactivity

Marie Curie was famous with her radioactivity word. A paper created by Marie and Pierre Curie was published in July 1898. The name polonium was taken from her native country Poland.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie

The second element that Marie discovered is called radium. It was derived from the Latin word for ray. Are you interested with facts about Marie Curie?

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