10 Interesting Animal Cell Facts

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Animals

Learning about the animal cell facts is not difficult as you might think. You will get more information about the animal cell in simple explanation especially if you want to give to teach your small kids about it. Animal cell can make you amazed since you probably do not know much about it. Here are some animal cell facts to learn and consider:

Animal Cell Facts 1: Nano chemical factories

Animal cell is considered as a self-sufficient cell for it has nano chemical factories. The cell can generate what it needs. For example Golgi complex can generate a cell membrane.

Animal Cell Facts 2: Ribosomal RNA

RNA is made from amino acid. It is a kind of protein. The creator is organelles located in the nucleus called as nucleolus.

Animal Cell Facts

Animal Cell Facts

Animal Cell Facts 3: Mitochondria

You should never left behind mitochondria.  It is located inside the animal cell. The function of this item is to change the oxygen into energy that can be used by the animal to live.

Animal Cell Facts 4: Paramecium

Paramecium is considered as an animal even though it is a single cell. To keep it alive, it has a tube and thread used for locomotion.

Animal Cell Facts and Parts

Animal Cell Facts and Parts

Animal Cell Facts 5: Size of Animal Cell

Can you guess the size of animal cell? It is about 1 to 100 micrometers. It is totally small so that you cannot perceive the cell by using naked eyes. At least you need to get a microscope to scrutinize it. Why don’t you check kitten facts as an example?

Animal Cell Facts 6: Eukaryotic

What about the production of animal cell? The animal can produce it by sexual activity or a process called mitosis. The new organism will be created if the ova and sperm can meet together in a sexual activity.

Elements in Animal Cell

Elements in Animal Cell

Animal Cell Facts 7: Self-destruct System

The animal cell is unique for it has the self-destruct system. When the infected and broken cells cannot be fixed, they will be destroyed completely through the self-destruct system.  It is called as apoptosis.

Animal Cell Facts 8: Cytoplasm

Cytoplasm is important to maintain the shape of animal cell. This biological material is made from protein. Inside the cytoplasm, you can find cytoskeleton.

Eukaryotic Animal Cell

Eukaryotic Animal Cell

Animal Cell Facts 9: Blueprint

If you want to get information about certain animal, you only need a single cell for it provides you with a lot of information regarding to the biology and psychology of a cell. Read blue jay facts for more info about their cells.

Animal Cell Facts 10: Nucleus

If you think that nucleus is always located in the middle of a cell, you are wrong. It can be located anywhere in inside the cell.

Single Animal Cell

Single Animal Cell

When you learn about animal, you need to know the single cell used to create this organism.  The simple to the complicated animals have their own cells which can be learned from the facts about animal cell above.

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