10 Interesting Puma Facts

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Puma Facts talk about the member of Felidae. Puma is genus. The jaguarondi, Owen’s Panther and cougar are included as puma. If you want to know the members of puma, check out more information about this agile and aggressive animal in the following post below:

Puma Facts 1: Puma concolor

Puma concolor is the scientific name for the cougar.  It has various nicknames. Some people often call the cougar as a catamount, puma, or mountain lion. The animals are originated from Americas.

Puma Facts 2: the range

You can find puma concolor living in some regions in America such as the Southern Andes of South America and Canadian Yukon. In the western Hemisphere, puma concolor is called as the greatest wild terrestrial mammal.

Puma Coat

Puma Coat

Puma Facts 3: heavy or not?

It is very easy to find out whether puma concolor is heavy or not? If you check out the picture of this wild animal, you must know that it is heavy. But it is not the heaviest cat in the world. It takes the record as the second heaviest cat in the world. The heaviest one is taken by jaguar. Get facts about jaguar here.

Puma Facts 4: solitary animal

Puma concolor lives alone.  It is included as a solitary animal. Talking about the behavior of this cougar, it is crepuscular and nocturnal. There is no need to wonder that they can do hours of sightings in the daylight.

Puma Facts

Puma Facts

Puma Facts 5: close relation

Puma concolor has a close relation with the subfamily Felinae or domestic cat and subfamily Pantherinae/ lions. Get facts about cat here.

Puma Facts 6: prey

There are many kinds of prey eaten by this puma.   The main foods include moose, elk, deer, horses, cattle, sheep and bighorn sleep.

Puma Image

Puma Image

Puma Facts 7: scarce food

When the food is scarce, they will hunt rodents and insects.

Puma Facts 8: habitat

You can find puma living in a rocky areas, dense underbrush or even open area.

Puma Pic

Puma Pic

Puma Facts 9: territory

Puma is a very territorial animal.  There are few reports of puma tracking human being. But you have to be careful when entering their territory. They will feel threatened.

Puma Facts 10: the extinct prehistoric cat

If you want to know the members of puma genus in a prehistoric era, you have to check out Owen’s panther or puma pardoides.



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