10 Interesting Protactinium Facts

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Protactinium Facts elaborate the detail facts about an element discovered by Polish chemist Kasimir Fajans and German chemist Oswald Göhring in at Karlsruhe, Germany. Both did in 1913.  Actually this element was called brevium for the first time because the isotope that they found only had a short life.  The isotope was protactinium-234. It only last for 1.17 minutes. Get more facts about protactinium in the following post below:

Protactinium Facts 1: protactinium-231

Protactinium-231 has much longer life. It can last for half-life of 32?670 years.  This isotope was discovered by Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin in 1917. At that time, the scientists wanted to find the substance which could decay the actinium.

Protactinium Facts 2: Frederic Soddy and John Cranston

Other scientists who wanted to discover protactinium were Frederic Soddy and John Cranston at the University Glasgow, Scotland. In 1917, both discovered protactinium independently.

Protactinium Element

Protactinium Element

Protactinium Facts 3: name

Let’s find out the origin of the word protactinium. It was derived from the Greek words of protos and actinium. Protos has a meaning the first.

Protactinium Facts 4: be careful with protactinium

You have to be careful when you handle protactinium. This element is toxic and radioactive. It can give bad impact to our health if you do not handle it with care.

Protactinium Facts

Protactinium Facts

Protactinium Facts 5:231 isotopes

The common isotope of protactinium that you can find in nature is 231 isotopes. This isotope can be produced from the decay of uranium-235.

Protactinium Facts 6: the characteristics

Let’s find out the characteristics of protactinium. This radioactive metal has very rare silvery and shiny color.  This metal can oxidize slowly on the air. Therefore, it is dangerous for the lung when you inhale it. Another radioactive element in seen in Polonium facts.

Protactinium Pictures

Protactinium Pictures

Protactinium Facts 7: the most expensive

Even though protactinium is very harmful, this metal is super expensive. It is one of the rarest elements in the world. Another expensive elemnt is explained in platinum facts.

Protactinium Facts 8: Great Britain Atomic Energy Authority

Great Britain Atomic Energy Authority got the largest amount of protactinium in 1962.  It collected 125 grams of protactinium.  The authority did it after extracting 60 tons of nuclear waste.



Protactinium Facts 9: costs

You have to spend $280 per gram of protactinium. It is commonly used for research purpose.

Protactinium Facts 10: the atomic weight

Protactinium is symbolic in Pa. The atomic number is 91, while the atomic weight is 231.03588. [Rn] 7s2 5f2 6d1 is the electron configuration for protactinium.

Protactinium Image

Protactinium Image

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