10 Interesting Rocks and Minerals Facts

Saturday, March 21st 2015. | Science

Find out interesting Rocks and Minerals Facts if you want to know the important elements in the world.  You can differentiate the rock and mineral by checking the following post. I will show you the examples of rocks and minerals too. There are thousands of different minerals which make up the world.  Mineral has the similar chemical structure.  In contrast, the rocks are made from different kinds of minerals. Therefore, it has inconsistent structure. Here are other facts about minerals and rocks.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 1: the reflection of light

If you want to know how well the mineral can reflect the light, you can check out the luster.  The luster will tell you whether it is metallic, glassy, dull or brilliant.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 2: characteristics of minerals

Let’s find out the interesting characteristics of minerals. All minerals are not organics. They are not made of the living organism, animals and plants. When the minerals are in the normal temperature, they are in solid form.

facts about Rocks and Minerals

facts about Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Facts 3: crystal structure

Most minerals are in crystal structure. Therefore, they have the fixed chemical structure. The minerals can be found naturally.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 4: the hardness

Can you guess the hardness of minerals?  It depends on the type of mineral.  If you check out the Moh’s scale, diamond has the 10 level in the scale. It means that this mineral is the hardest one.

Rocks and Minerals facts

Rocks and Minerals facts

Rocks and Minerals Facts 5: mineralogists

Mineralogists are the persons who study minerals. The examples of minerals in the world include pyrite, bauxite, quartz, cobalt, feldspar and talc.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 6: the examples of gem

The rare minerals which can cost you a lot of money to get it are the gem. The examples are sapphire, emerald and diamonds.

Rocks and Minerals in Yellow

Rocks and Minerals in Yellow

Rocks and Minerals Facts 7: rock

What is rock? The rocks are different with mineral because they are not made from exact structure. There are three main types of rocks. Those are sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. Find out facts about igneous rocks here.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 8: the formation

Call it ingenious rock if it is formed by volcanoes.  The great heat and pressure form metamorphic rocks. The sediment which is compacted together and became hard will form the sedimentary rocks.

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Facts 9: the examples of metamorphic rocks

Schist, soapstone, marble and anthracite are examples of metamorphic rock. Get facts about rocks here.

Rocks and Minerals Facts 10: sedimentary rocks

Sandstones, limestone and shale are the examples of sedimentary rocks.

Colors of Rocks and Minerals

Colors of Rocks and Minerals

Are you impressed reading facts about rocks and minerals?

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