10 Interesting Prostate Cancer Facts

Monday, July 22nd 2013. | Diseases

Prostate Cancer facts should be checked by the men who want to avoid this health problem. Prostate cancer is another common disease which affects men. The risk of having the disease will be increased if you never take care the prostate and penis. Here are some interesting prostate cancer facts to know:

Prostate Cancer Facts 1: Development of Prostate Cancer

The development of prostate cancer can happen when a man is less than 40 years old. It is estimated that 1 of 10,000 men under 40 develop cancer. The risk is higher when men are in the age of 60 to 80.

Prostate Cancer Facts 2: Prostate Cancer in Black Men

We cannot fully understand on why black men have bigger number with prostate cancer. Many scientists assume that the high testosterone is the biggest cause for prostate cancer in black men. Another disease faced black people includes AIDS. Read HIV and AIDS facts for more info.

Prostate Anatomy

Prostate Anatomy

Prostate Cancer Facts 3: High Fats

Many researches have been conducted to find out the relation between probate cancer and high fat diet. It is realized that the people with high fat diet will develop prostate cancer than the people who do not like with fats. Fats can increase the testosterone production in the body.

Prostate Cancer Facts 4: Exercise

There are many ways that people can do to increase the health and avoid the disease such as prostate cancer. You need to do exercise each day to make the body healthy. Lack of exercise can lead into a disease. You can also avoid tuberculosis by working out. Here are facts about tuberculosis.

Prostate Cancer Facts

Prostate Cancer Facts

Prostate Cancer Facts 5: High Risk of Prostate Cancer

The risk of having prostate cancer is increased up to 10 times if you are a man with three degree relatives of cancer prostate.

Prostate Cancer Facts 6: How Prostate Cancer Develop

You are totally wrong if you think that testosterone is the main cause for development of prostate cancer. The cancer will be developed if it gets male hormone. Without testosterone it is impossible for the cancer to develop.

Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate Cancer Facts 7: Breast Cancer Mother and Sister

The risk of prostate cancer is higher for the men whose mother and sister live with breast cancer.

Prostate Cancer Facts 8: Prostate

Prostate is an organ located surrounding the urethra and beneath the bladder. The size of this organ is like a walnut gland. The size of prostate is increased during a man life.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Facts 9: Male Cancer in Europe

Each year more than 300,000 cases of prostate cancer are registered in Europe. It is considered as the most common cancer to face by European people.

Prostate Cancer Facts10: Age

A major risk of prostate cancer is seen on the age. The older men have higher risk to face prostate cancer compared to the men under 50 years old.



By living a balance life you can prevent prostate cancer. It is not easy to live a healthy life, but you can try if you want to avoid the disease. Do you have any more information on facts about prostate cancer?

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