10 Interesting HIV and AIDS Facts

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HIV and AIDS facts present the deepest information about this deadly disease. Most people living in low and middle income countries are subject to HIV and AIDS infection. There is no cure for the disease. Once you are infected, you need to live the whole life with the disease. Look at the detail facts below:

HIV and AIDS Facts 1: Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

The people with HIV positive can use the antiretroviral therapy (ART) if they want to live healthier than before. It is also stated the drug can prevent any transmission of HIV to the sexual partner.

HIV and AIDS Facts 2: Antiretroviral Therapy Treatment

Antiretroviral therapy has been given to more than 8 million people in low and middle class countries all over the world. However, it is estimated that more than 7 million cannot get the antiretroviral therapy.

HIV and AIDS Facts

HIV and AIDS Facts

HIV and AIDS Facts 3: Using Condom

The best way to prevent the transmission of HIV AIDS is by using condom when you have sex with a sexual partner. If you do not use any condom, the virus lies on the fluid is easily come to your bloodstream.

HIV and AIDS Facts 4: Causes of HIV and AIDS Infection

There are three main causes that make people infected with HIV and AIDS. The unprotected sex, infected blood and mother to child transmission are the main causes of HIV and AIDS.

HIV and AIDS Ribbon

HIV and AIDS Ribbon

HIV and AIDS Facts 5: Treatment of HIV in Africa

The people with HIV and AIDS people in Africa are abundant. Thus, the Comprehensive National Plan on HIV and AIDS Care, Management and Treatment was approved by the South African government in 2003.

HIV and AIDS Facts 6: HIV AIDS in South Africa

The number of the South African people infected with HIV and AIDS is around 5.4 million individuals in the late 2006. Another dangerous disease that people can experience is seen on lung cancer facts.



HIV and AIDS Facts 7: Movement of HIV AIDS Patients

The free movement is occurred among the HIV AIDS people.  There is no restriction for the people. They should be treated equally in the hospital, school and other public places.

HIV and AIDS Facts 8: Vurnerable Women

Women are more vulnerable to get infected by HIV AIDS rather than men. The virus can travel to the vagina via the bloodstream especially if you perform dry sex. The vagina is more likely to get hurt and infected.

HIV Cells

HIV Cells

HIV and AIDS Facts 9: Migrant and Mine Workers

Migrant and mine workers are vulnerable to HIV and ADIs infection. They tend to stay away from the wife. They need to have sex with various sex workers. If they do not use condom, the transmission will likely to occur if his partner is HIV positive.

HIV and AIDS Facts 10: AIDS

AIDS stands to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The immune system will be lowered and the body cannot fight other infection. It is caused by the infection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. If you want to know the disease caused by bacteria, see bacteria facts.

HIV virus

HIV virus

You can stay away from HIV and AIDS by using condom when you perform intercourse. Don’t change needle with other people. Ensure that you can perform healthy lifestyle. What do you think on the facts about HIV and AIDS?

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