10 Interesting Poverty Facts

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Poverty Facts inform you with sad condition of the people in the world.   There are many people out there who struggle a lot to find shelter, clothes, food, and medicine.  Poverty can be seen in the third countries. Fighting poverty is not easy to do. But we should never give up. Here are some facts about poverty that you need to know:

Poverty Facts 1: the people with extreme poverty

There is a significant progress to reduce poverty. In the last three decade, the numbers of people who live with $1.25 are decreased. Today, it is estimated that 1.2 billion still live in extreme poverty.

Poverty Facts 2: the top five poor countries

Let’s find out the top five of the world poor countries in the world. The first one is India. It occupies 33 percent of the poor people in the world. Then it is followed by China, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Congo.

Facts about Poverty

Facts about Poverty

Poverty Facts 3: the poor countries

Other five countries included on the list of the poor countries in the world are Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Poverty Facts 4: the people and electricity

Do you know that 1.2 billion people in the world cannot access electricity until this present day?  We have to realize that electricity is very important in our life.

Poverty in India

Poverty in India

Poverty Facts 5: children

When people end up in poverty, they do not have money to get food, shelter or medicine. There is no need to wonder that 22,000 children in the world die because of extreme poverty.

Poverty Facts 6: sub-Saharan Africa

You have to check out the people who live in sub Saharan Africa. Most people in the areas live in extreme poverty.

Poverty Pictures

Poverty Pictures

Poverty Facts 7: the rural areas

More than 75 percent of the poor people in the world end up in agricultural sectors. Most of them live in rural regions.

Poverty Facts 8: China

The poverty in China is still high. The reduction of poverty in the country in 1980s and 1990s was very slow. It is estimated that the country will need 50 years to raise 1 billion people away from poverty. Find out modern China facts here.



Poverty Facts 9: North Carolina

In United States, North Carolina was included as one of the top 100 poorest regions in the country based on the data in 2012. Find out North Carolina facts here.

Poverty Facts 10: woman and poverty

The life of women should be considered too. Based on the data in 2010, more than 7.5 million women were included in the list of the extreme poor people.

Poverty Facts

Poverty Facts

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