10 Interesting Fire Facts

Saturday, January 25th 2014. | Science

Fire facts are perhaps unimportant for people. Yet, you need to notice the most that there are also people who become so much attentive about the facts. Here I want to discuss about it further. Fire is essential for human sometimes. Yet, there are things to know further.

Fire Facts 1: chemical reaction

You need to know that fire is a kind of chemical reaction. In fact, the reaction may release both heat and also light. There are few people who already know about this fact.

Fire Facts 2: fire triangle

People need to know about fire triangle. It may represent the 3 components of fire. Those are fuel, oxygen, and also heat. It means if one of these is missing, fire will never ignite. The heat can be generated by electrical current, cigarette, or also only electronic.

Fire Facts

Fire Facts

Fire Facts 3: the death

There are about 3,800 people who died caused by fire each of years. It is in the United States actually. If it is about injured people, there are about 18,300 people got hurt from fire for each year. The amount is decreasing by the effort such as installing fire alarms and also conducting proper fire safety.

Fire Facts 4: kitchen

There is a fact that kitchen may become the initial place within the house where fire starts. People cooking may also the main cause of fire injury. The fire in kitchen often is triggered by overheated grease. Any unattended cooking also becomes the cause.

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting

Fire Facts 5: smoking?

Smoking is considered to be the major cause of death by fire especially in US. The second of death caused by fire is the heating equipment.

Fire Facts 6: arson

The third major cause of home fire is arson. It is a regular and commercial building part. Yet, people need to pay attention to the risk of fire.

Fire In The House

Fire In The House

Fire Facts 7: the smoke

Usually, people die because of the smoke inhalation from fire before the flames reach them. The fire may drain oxygen within the room. Later, fire fills the room with poisonous gases. This makes people suffering from lack of oxygen and choked.

Fire Facts 8:  firefighters

In modern countries, firefighters are important to call. In US for example, firefighters were called many times within a day. The amount of call is increasing for each year.



2Fire Facts 9: candles

Candles also are basic reason of fire to occur. There is a fact that in 2005 up to 2009, candles caused 12,900 home fires. They also cause people to gain injury and property damages.

Fire Facts 10: fire alarm

Fire alarm is a must to install to prevent severe fire problems. Any house having no fire alarm suffers from higher risk of fire even death of people.

House on Fire

House on Fire

Learning facts about Fire can help you to prevent any unpredictable fire accidents. Collect more info actually.

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