10 Interesting Bullying Facts

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Let me show you the surprising bullying facts. Most bullying occurred on children because they are weak and fragile. Parents should be sensitive about this case because it is physically and psychologically affecting the children. Some children have bad school years because of the repeated bullying activities conducted by their friends. Here are the complete facts about bullying to know:

Bullying Facts 1:Plastic Surgery

Bullying occurs because of many reasons. The ugly physical look sometimes makes teenagers less confident. To avoid being bullied by their friends because of the physical look, they go under the knife. The surprising news is that most parents go with their young children’s decision.

Bullying Facts 2: Bully

The word bully in the past and present time means differently.  This word is initially used in 1530. It can be applied to both genders. The meaning is sweetheart. The meaning of this word changed in the 17th century. It means harasser of the weak.

bullying at office

bullying at office

Bullying Facts 3: Bully In A Group

Most girls love to bully another girl in a group. Most men bully personally. Girl will bully other girls because of their social status, while boys tend to bully based on the group. For example, the athlete will bully the non athletes.

Bullying Facts 4:Verbal  Bullying

Girls will like to use the verbal bullying. On the other hand, boys will use not only physical intimidation about also threat.

Bullying at School

Bullying at School

Bullying Facts 5:Universal Problem

You are wrong if you think that bullying is only occurred in US. It also happens in many parts of the world. Thus, bullying is considered as an international problem in various schools.

Bullying Facts 6:Risk Of Bullying

The risk of bullying will be increased if the boys or girls are involved with agoraphobia, social phobias, disability, and illness parental over control, and general anxiety.

 Bullying Facts

Bullying Facts

Bullying Facts 7:Effect Of Bullying

Bullying can present negative effect when kids grow up. The adults who always remember about the bullying experience sometimes have pathological perfection, depression, low self esteem, and neuroticism.

Bullying Facts 8:Crime

60 percent boys who bully other kids from the 1st grade to the 9th grade commit at least one crime when he is in the age of 24 years old.

Bullying Girls

Bullying Girls

Bullying Facts 9: Bullying Episode

Of 25 incidents of bullying, teachers only intervene in one case. The bullying episode usually lasts for 37 seconds.

Bullying Facts 10: Bully-Victims

Bully-victims is a term used for a student who can  have the role as bully and victim. When they are bullied, they tend to bully other students with similar behavior.



The lasting psychology harm is always faced by the bullied girls. Since the popular girl always used verbal bullying rather the physical bullying, the victim tends to get depressed and less confident. Can you give any suggestion on facts about bullying?

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