10 Interesting Mexican Food Facts

Wednesday, July 23rd 2014. | Food

If you a cuisine lover, I will inform you with Mexican Food Facts. Mexican food is famous around the world. You can find many Mexican restaurants in US and Europe. Do you know that actually most Mexican foods are spicy? Find out other interesting facts by reading the following post below:

Mexican Food Facts 1: Chili

The most important ingredient in Mexican food is chili. But you are wrong if you think all foods created with chili is spicy. Pimiento moron or sweet bell pepper is very sweet. Find out another spicy food by reading Indian food facts.

Mexican Food Facts 2: mole

Mole is also important in Mexican food. Actually there is only one type of mole. It is the chocolate one, but now there are hundreds of moles.  Mole is a kind of sauce. The taste and type of moles is determined by the regions in Mexico.

Mexican Food facts

Mexican Food facts

Mexican Food Facts 3: moles in regions of Mexico

Moles are less common in the north area of Mexico such as Tamaulipas and Baja California.  But you can find 7 regions moles in Oaxaca. Therefore, this area is called as the Land of 7 moles.

Mexican Food Facts 4: 7 moles of Oaxaca

Let’s talk about the types of 7 moles of Oaxaca. They include Rojo (red mole), Verde, Coloradito (brown mole), Manchamantel, Negro (black/chocolate mole), Chichilo and Amarillo.

Mexican Food image

Mexican Food image

Mexican Food Facts 5: Mole Negro

Mole Negro is the most familiar mole in north of Mexico. It is made from chocolate.  The ingredients of the chocolate mole include Mexican oregano, pumpkin seeds, Mulato, Pasilla chiles, Mexican cinnamon, Mexican cocoa, walnuts, Chilhuacle, almonds, cloves, coriander, sesame seeds, plantains, Ancho, tomatoes, onions and raisins.

Mexican Food Facts 6: Mexican chocolate

Mexican chocolate is one of the primary ingredients in most Mexican foods. But the chocolate used here is the special Mexican cocoa.

Mexican Food photo

Mexican Food photo

Mexican Food Facts 7: Mexican desserts

Mexican desserts are sweet. The deserts were inspired by Spanish who introduced the desserts to Mexico in the past. You can find sweet milk curds cooked in syrup called chongos zamoranos. People also serve Mexican egg custard or jericalla as the dessert.

Mexican Food Facts 8: Tomatoes

Do you know that actually tomatoes are a gift from Mexico? Some people think that tomatoes are a gift from the Italians.

Mexican Food pic

Mexican Food pic

Mexican Food Facts 9: Mexican vanilla

It is not easy to find the Mexican vanilla. It comes in high price. You have to be careful when buying the vanilla due to the premium price.

Mexican Food Facts 10: Dragonfruit

Even though Dragon fruit is called as an Asian fruit, it is originated from Mexico.

Mexican Foods

Mexican Foods

Some famous Mexican foods that you can order include guacamole, tacos, tortillas, and many more. Are you pleased with facts about Mexican food?

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