10 Interesting Matter Facts

Sunday, July 13th 2014. | Science

Matter Facts present the fascinating ideas about the matter fulfilling the space. All matters have weight, mass and volume. You can find them in various forms, shapes and states. If you are interested to find out more facts about matter, read the following post below:

Matter Facts 1: atoms

Atoms are the ones which make the tiny building blocks inside a matter.  Can you tell me the size of an atom? Compared to a human hair, it is at least a hundred times smaller.

Matter Facts 2: states of matters

There are several states of matter that you need to know. Those are plasma, liquids, gases and solids.

Matter Changes

Matter Changes

Matter Facts 3: the common states on earth

The commons states of matter on earth come in gases, solids, and liquids, the hot plasma is matter that makes up the universe.

Matter Facts 4: a liquid state

The liquid state included the water in the ocean, sea, river or lake. It has a definite volume. The shape of the water will follow the shape of the container. If you look at the solid state, it comes in definite volume and shape. Find out liquid facts here.

Matter Facts

Matter Facts

Matter Facts 5: gas

A gas can be differentiated with other types of states such as liquid and solid because the gas will expand to fill the container.  It has not definite volume or even shape.

Matter Facts 6: plasma

Can you differentiate between plasma and gas? Actually plasma is a bit similar to gas. However, some parts of the plasma are ionized particles.

Matter Pic

Matter Pic

Matter Facts 7: elements

If you check out the elements of gas, solid and liquid on the period table, you can only find 2 liquids and 11 gases. The rest of the elements in the period table are included as a solid state.

Matter Facts 8: transformation

You can find transformation of states. It is called vaporizing if the liquid is changed into gas. If the liquid changes into solid state, you call it freezing. Ionization occurs when gas changes into plasma. The sublimation is a term used to call the transformation of liquid into gas.

Matter Stars

Matter Stars

Matter Facts 9: kinds of gasses

Gasses as the free flowing particles which can fill the containers. The helium, steam and air are included as gasses.

Matter Facts 10: solid matter

The solid matter is characterized with solid and stable state.  They come in organized patterns.  The molecules of this solid matter will never move around.



The things that you can find on earth such as helium, box, water, ice are included as matter. Do you have any opinion on facts about matter?

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