10 Interesting Manganese Facts

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Let’s increase the knowledge about science by reading Manganese Facts. Manganese is not only about metal, but also about the nutrient that human being, plant and animal need to stay survive. Lack of manganese in the body can bring bad impact to the health. Let’s find out the detail facts about manganese in the explanation below:

Manganese Facts 1: name

Let’s talk about the origin of the name. Some people think that it comes from Latin word manges. The meaning is magnet. Other scholars believe that it was derived from the Greek word magia which means magic. Others think that it is taken from French word manganese.

Manganese Facts 2: magnesium

Some people who are familiar with the type of metal in the world often get confused to differentiate between manganese and magnesium. Trust me that both are completely different. Check facts about magnesium here.



Manganese Facts 3: the strength of manganese

To increase the hardiness, strength and water resistance of manganese, people will alloy it with steel. In the industry, people often use manganese to produce ferromagnetic alloys.

Manganese Facts 4: dry cell batteries

The dry cell batteries can be depolarized by using the manganese dioxide magnetic. This ability can be found in some manganese magnetic.

Manganese Facts

Manganese Facts

Manganese Facts 5: where to find manganese

The ocean floor and mineral ore are the place where people can find abundant manganese. Based on its rank on the earth crust, it is 12th most abundant element.

Manganese Facts 6: atomic number

Manganese has the atomic number of 25.  The symbol of this element is Mn. It has the weight of 54.93805.

Manganese Image

Manganese Image

Manganese Facts 7: characteristics of manganese

Manganese comes in brittle and hard gray white metal color. This metal is very reactive. If you mix it with cold water, it will decompose.

Manganese Facts 8: Discovery

In 1774, Johann Gahn, Scheele, and Bergman discovered manganese. By reducing its dioxide with the carbon, Johann Gahn isolated manganese.

Manganese Metal

Manganese Metal

Manganese Facts 9: uses of manganese

Let’s talk about the uses of manganese in the industry.  It can be used in the preparation of chlorine and oxygen.  The dioxide of manganese is functional to dry black paint.

Manganese Facts 10: nutrition

Manganese is also needed in human body.  You need to eat the food which contains the natural manganese in the right mount.

Manganese Pic

Manganese Pic

The consumption of manganese in high quantities can present tonic effect to the body. Do you want to comment on facts about manganese?

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