10 Interesting Oil Facts

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Oil facts give you the full information about the synthetic oil, vegetable oil, and crude oil. There are many kinds of oil in the world. The oil used to cook and the oil used to operate your vehicles is totally different. The crude oil is gained from the mining process. The vegetable oil is gained from veggies. You can have olive oil or coconut oil. Read the following explanation below:

Oil Facts 1: Petroleum

Petroleum is derived from Greek language Petra. The meaning of this word is rock. The word oleum is translated as oil. In conclusion petroleum means rock oil. Look at desert facts to know where oil can be found.

Oil Facts 2: Crude Oil

Crude oil is considered as the basic oil.  It can be used for various purposes. The manufacturer can process it into a synthetic fabric, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, plastic and many more. Each country needs oil for the manufacturing process. More than 50 percent oil is used by the American people for transportation.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas

Oil Facts 3: Texas

The leading state in US which can produce the biggest amount of crude oil is Texas. The oil production in the state is up to 5 billion barrels. Other states which involve in domestic refining capacity with more than a half production are California and Louisiana. Oil can be found deep down the sea. Look at Pacific Ocean for detail info.

Oil Facts 4: Measurement of Oil

The crude oil produced by the states and other countries in the world will be measured in barrel. One barrel is about 42 US gallons.  One barrel of oil can be used to serve 9.21 gallons of diesel, 19.15 gallons of gasoline, 1.75 gallons of heating oil, and 3.82 gallons of jet fuel. The remaining 7.3 gallons is used for other petrochemical products such as bitumen, asphalt and tar.

oil facts

oil facts

Oil Facts 5: Crude Oil Refining Process

Crude oil refining process can give the manufacturer some products used to make ammonia, car tires, plastics, fertilizer, perfumes and bubble gum.

Oil Facts 6: Vegetable Oil Production

Some instances of vegetables oils are corn oil, coconut oil, palm oil, peanut oil, and sunflower oil.

oil gas

oil gas

Oil Facts 7: Emulsifier

Oil comes in the form of liquid if it is stored in room temperature. You can’t mix oil with water without the help of an emulsifier. This substance can mix them well.

Oil Facts 8: Detergent

One example of emulsifier is detergent. You can try it at home by mixing oil, water and detergent.

oil pump

oil pump

Oil Facts 9: Vegetables Oils

Plant is the main substance of vegetables oils. They are used not only to cooking food but also to maintain your hair, face and body massage.

Oil Facts 10: Origin of Crude Oil

Crude oil is made from plant and animal fossil. It can be found underground in the form of black and thick liquid.

Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical Plant

The usage of crude oil is not only bounded on transportation and manufacturing process. Some crude oils are used to make medicine, cosmetic, drugs, paint and lubricants. Do you have question on facts about oil?

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