10 Interesting Kiwi Facts

Tuesday, May 27th 2014. | Food

Kiwi facts give you the information about the nutrition of this fruit. Even though kiwi is not as popular as orange or even apple, it makes you healthy. You can eat kiwi to give you vitamin C. This fruit is also good for the people who perform diet. Here are the interesting facts about kiwi:

Kiwi Facts 1: nutrition

Kiwi is one of the nutritional fruits in the world. You can get mineral and vitamin by eating kiwi. As I have stated before kiwi is a good fruit for diet because it contains a lot of fiber and less calorie.

Kiwi Facts 2: vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to the life of human being. If you only consume less vitamin C, the immunity system will be ruined. If you compare kiwi with orange or apple, you get more vitamin C. Check apple facts here.

kiwi facts

kiwi facts

Kiwi Facts 3: folic acid

Another nutrient that you can get by eating kiwi is folic acid. Folic acid is very important for the pregnant women because you can lower the risk of having a neural defect on the new born baby if the daily intake folic acid is enough.

Kiwi Facts 4: Potassium

Potassium is always associated with banana. When you want to improve the intake of potassium, you can eat kiwi. This fruit is beneficial the people who want to lower the high blood pressure and increase the health of heart.

kiwi seeds

kiwi seeds

Kiwi Facts 5: antioxidants

When you eat kiwi, you can fill the body with antioxidants. You need to know that antioxidants are important to defeat the free radicals which can cause cancers.

Kiwi Facts 6: benefits of eating kiwi

There are some health benefits that you can get when you eat kiwi. You can regulate the digestion, promote the heath health, lower the cholesterol level, and burn the fat.

kiwi slices

kiwi slices

Kiwi Facts 7: fiber

Fiber is great for the people who want to have a good diet. The blood level inside the body will not be increased even though you eat kiwi. The people who suffer from diabetes will never be affected by kiwi.

Kiwi Facts 8: energy

Kiwi is a good fruit for the people who want to change the food into energy. This fruit contains high amount of magnesium which can covert the calories into energy.



Kiwi Facts 9: eyes

Many people think that tomato is the only fruit which takes care the health of eyes. Actually kiwi can perform the similar function because it has vitamin A. It can prevent any free radical affected your eyes.

Kiwi Facts 10: New Zealand

This fruit has been planted in New Zealand for more than 10 years.



There are many countries which grow kiwi. You can see the plants of kiwi in Spain, South Korea, France, Italy, Japan and Chile. Are you interested with facts about kiwi?

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