10 Interesting Netherlands Facts

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Netherlands Facts present the detail information about the main producer of tulip in the world.  Many people will always associate Netherlands with windmill, tulips, Liberal, cheese, canals and wooden shoes. Actually there are many other things that you can see and get from Netherlands. Check the following post below for more information about the wonderful country:

Netherlands Facts 1: same sex marriage

In 2011, Netherlands made a breakthrough by legalizing the same sex marriage in the country.

Netherlands Facts 2: national dish

Do you know the national dish in Netherlands? It is created from herring mixed with pickles and chopped raw onions. In years, the Dutch people will consume 12 million of herrings.  It means that five fish for each Dutch.

Netherlands Canals

Netherlands Canals

Netherlands Facts 3: Netherlands and Holland?

If you think that Netherlands and Holland are similar, you are wrong. Holland is a term used to call the largely western coastal remain in Netherlands. Holland includes Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden, The Hague and Haarlem.

Netherlands Facts 4: bacon

One of the main foods in the world is from bacon. People in Europe and America like to eat bacon. Do you know that 70 percent of bacon production comes from Netherlands?

Netherlands Facts

Netherlands Facts

Netherlands Facts 5: keeping back the water

Netherlands could be turned into Atlantis if the people cannot keep the water back to the sea. The country actually is located below the sea elevation. But the Dutch know how to keep the land. Therefore, you should never wonder when the US government asks a help from the people on how to get rid from the flood in Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Netherlands Facts 6: Gin

One of the best inventions in Netherlands is Gin. It is sometimes called as jenever. In the past, gin was used for the 16th century medication.

Netherlands Pic

Netherlands Pic

Netherlands Facts 7: airport

You must be amazed to find out the fact that actually the Schiphol Airport is located 4.5 meter below the sea elevation.

Netherlands Facts 8: flower bulb

One of the economic products from Netherlands is the flower bulb. The report states that 75 percent of its production is in the country.

Netherlands River

Netherlands River

Netherlands Facts 9: the tallest in the world

The men and women in Netherlands are considered as the tallest in the world. In average, women have the height of 170 cm, while the men are in the height of 184 cm.

Netherlands Facts 10: museum

If you are a fan of Van Gogh, you can have to visit Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum. Both are the home of the largest Van Gogh collections in the world. Get facts about Vincent Van Gogh here.

Netherlands Tulips

Netherlands Tulips

If you are in Netherlands, you will find 4,000 km of lakes, rivers and canals. They look beautiful and interring. Are you inspired reading facts about Netherlands?

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