10 Interesting Cuba Facts

Saturday, December 21st 2013. | Countries

The exotic country in the world is explained in Cuba facts. When we talk about Cuba, we always think about the controversial politics in the country. You will always remember Che Guevara who comes from Cuba. Besides thinking about Fidel Castro, you need to find out other interesting facts about this exotic country in Caribbean area:

Cuba Facts 1: the Manjuarí

Cuba is the home to the unique and famous the Manjuarí. It is a kind of prehistoric fish which can only be discovered in Cuba.

Cuba Facts 2: nickname

The famous nickname for Cuba is El Crocodrilo or El Caimán.  The name was derived from Spanish language. In English, it means Alligator.  The shape of Cuba reminds people with the shape of an alligator.

Cuba and Guevara

Cuba and Guevara

Cuba Facts 3: Christmas

In 1997, Christmas became the official national day in the country. It was officially announced by the government because they want to give the people religious freedom and as a preparation for the visit of John Paul II who visited Cuba in 1998.

Cuba Facts 4: the most populated country

Even though Cuba is not the most populated country in the world, it gains the name as the most populated country in Caribbean island. The residents living in Cuba are around 11 million individuals.

Cuba Havana

Cuba Havana

Cuba Facts 5: doctors

People in Cuba love to be a doctor. That’s why this country gains the title with the highest doctor to patient ratio in the world. To get a job, sometimes the Cuban doctors have to work outside the country.

Cuba Facts 6: literacy rates

It is so relieving to know that most people in Cuba realize the importance of education. Compared to any other countries in Latin America, Cuba has the highest literacy rate.

Cuba Beach

Cuba Beach

Cuba Facts 7: daily newspapers

The daily newspapers publications in Cuba around 1950s were flourished. There were around 58 daily newspapers operated in the country. But now the number is reduced to 20 daily newspapers.

Cuba Facts 8: Bacardi rum

One of the famous brands in the world is Bacardi rum. It was actually originated from Cuba. The brand has to move from Cuba to Puerto Rico after Fidel Castro becomes the number leader in Cuba.

Cuba View

Cuba View

Cuba Facts 9: Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is one of the notorious writers in the world. His novels such as the Old Man and the Sea and For Whom the Bell Tolls were written when he lived in this country.

Cuba Facts 10: Bee Hummingbird

The smallest bird in the world is bee hummingbird. You can find this bird abundant in the country. The length of the adult bee hummingbird is only 2 inches.



A John Lennon Statue was unveiled by Fidel Castro in John Lennon Park in 2000. It seems that he was a fan of John Lennon. Do you like reading on facts about Cuba?

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