10 Interesting Colombia Facts

Friday, December 13th 2013. | Countries

Colombia facts are good for those who study about countries. Colombia is one of famous countries in America continent. Columbia has many interesting facts. Some of them will be discussed here in this article. I believe any of you will gain interest about it.

Colombia Facts 1: season

Columbia is very distinct country. There is no season in Colombia. The country is located near to the equator. Therefore, you only can find sunlight or hot weather throughout the year. For any tourist, the heat sometimes becomes troublesome.

Colombia Facts 2: theater festival

Unique fact is that Colombia has the biggest theater festival. Colombia also becomes the home of biggest salsa festival, biggest outdoor horse parade, and also biggest flower parade. Colombia also becomes the 2nd biggest carnival in the world. Therefore, tourists really love to visit this country.

Colombia  facts

Colombia facts

Colombia Facts 3: popular country

Colombia is famous compared to United States. The capital of Colombia has lower rate of murder rate if it is compared to United States. This country is famous as well as the most bio-diverse country per square meter.

Colombia Facts 4: cycle routes

In Colombia, you can find some cycle routes. What makes it interesting is that they are the extensive network cycle routes among other cities within Latin America. It is located in Bogota.

Colombia Beach

Colombia Beach

Colombia Facts 5: lingerie manufacturers

This country has many types of manufacturers. The most popular one is the womens’ lingerie manufacturer. Colombia is the third largest lingerie manufacturer around the world.

Colombia Facts 6: landmark

Colombia has the world’s most colorful river. It becomes the attraction of many tourists. You can also find out that Colombia as the tallest mountain in the world located in seaside.

Colombia Sea

Colombia Sea

Colombia Facts 7: two coastlines

Colombia is the unique country in South America. It has two different coastlines. They are the Carribean Sea and also Pacific Ocean Sea.

Colombia Facts 8:  Culture

There is a tradition you need to know. You may refuse food given by local people yet if it is only considered as overindulging. It is recommended to keep your hands above.

colombian flag

colombian flag

Colombia Facts 9: languages

Mostly of Colombians speak Spanish as their official language. There are about 80 indigenous tribes as well who speak 40 different languages.

Colombia Facts 10: fashion

Colombians have conservative style in fashion. Yet, you can find people wearing suits in larger cities of Colombia.

bogota Colombia

bogota Colombia

Finding out facts about Colombia is recommended for those who want to learn about the country. The facts are useful as well to become basic knowledge before visiting the country.

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