10 Interesting Guam Facts

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Guam facts enable you to know more about one of the beautiful islands in the world.  Even though the island is surrounded by a lot of beaches, it does not have any sand. Probably you will not believe it. The sand in Guam actually is ground coral. Find out more about Guam in the following post below:

Guam Facts 1: Guam’s paved roads

Guam’s paved roads are created by mixing cement and ground coral. People are wrong if they think that the pavers are created from sand.

Guam Facts 2: ‘belembatouyan’

‘Belembatouyan’ is a musical instrument in Guam.  You can see the local people playing this traditional instrument made from a hollow gourd. The melodic sound produced by the musical instrument is fascinating.

Guam Beach

Guam Beach

Guam Facts 3: languages

There are two official languages that people can use when they spend time or live in Guam. You can speak Chamorro and English. More than 45 percent of the Guam population speaks Chamorro. The rest of them use English.

Guam Facts 4: Roman Catholic

The main religion embraced by the people living in Guam is Roman Catholic.  Based on the survey in 2002, more than 85 percent of the people living here were Roman Catholic.

Guam Facts

Guam Facts

Guam Facts 5: the religious groups

There are several religious groups living in Guam. Those are Latter-Day Saints, Seventh-day Adventists, Episcopalians and Baptists.

Guam Facts 6: flora and fauna

Guam is one of the best places for vacation. You can come here and enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna. There are many kinds of wild birds that you can enjoy here.

Guam Rainbow

Guam Rainbow

Guam Facts 7: brown tree snakes

One of the animals which gather attention since World War II is brown tree snake. It is estimated that there are thousands of snakes located in the area.

Guam Facts 8: Hagatna

Hagatna is the capital city of Guam. Many people call this city as Agana. The location of this city is on the western coast of Guam. It is  near Apra Harbour.

Guam Travel

Guam Travel

Guam Facts 9: name of Hagåtña

At first, the name of this capital city is Agana. It was changed to Hagåtña after the legislature passed the bill 522 on 25th March 1998.

Guam Facts 10: Japanese invasion

Guam was under the Japanese control for 31 months. It was from December 1941 to July 1944. The people liberated the Guam people were the Americans.



Latte Stones were the huge stones pillars created by the ancient people of Guam. Are you fascinated with facts about Guam?

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