10 Interesting Pablo Neruda Facts

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Pablo Neruda Facts talk about Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. That’s the real name of Neruda. At first, he used the name Pablo Neruda as his pen name. Later, he picked it as his legal name. Do you know that Neruda was a politician, a diplomat and poet from Chile? He was born on 12th July 1904 and died on 23rd September 1973. Here are other interesting facts about Neruda to notice:

Pablo Neruda Facts 1: the inspiration from the pen name

He was inspired to use Pablo Neruda has his pen name after he was inspired by Jan Neruda. He was a Czech poet. In 1971, Neruda became the winner of Noble Prize in literature.

Pablo Neruda Facts 2: as a poet

When he was only 10 years old, Neruda was recognized as a poet. There were various types of works that he wrote such as a prose autobiography, political manifestos, historical epics, love poems, and surrealist poems.

pablo neruda facts

pablo neruda facts

Pablo Neruda Facts 3: the ink

Neruda tried to symbolize his personal hope and desire by using the green ink. The example of his collection of love poem was published in 1924. The title was Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair.

Pablo Neruda Facts 4: as a wonderful poet

There are some people who call Neruda was a wonderful poet. Neruda was included as one of the 26 writers which contributed great influence in the Western Tradition based on the point of view of Harold Bloom in his book The Western Canon. Gabriel García Márquez was the Colombian novelist who cited Neruda as the greatest poet in twentieth century.

pablo neruda images

pablo neruda images

Pablo Neruda Facts 5: reading

Neruda was before 10,000 spectators at Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo Brazil to read for honoring Luís Carlos Prestes on 15th July 1945. Prestes was the leader of the communist revolutionary.

Pablo Neruda Facts 6: Neruda’s job

Neruda was not only famous as a poet, but as a politician and diplomat. He had served in Chilean Communist Party as a senator. He also had many diplomatic positions. Find facts about Otto Frank here.

pablo neruda photo

pablo neruda photo

Pablo Neruda Facts 7: the warrant arrest

The warrant arrest was issued for Neruda after Chile under President González Videla banned communism in 1948. Neruda was capable to reach Argentina after his friends hid him in the basement for months. Check facts about Olaudah Equiano here.

Pablo Neruda Facts 8: a close advisor

President Salvador Allende, the socialist president of Chile appointed Neruda as his close advisor years later.

pablo neruda poet

pablo neruda poet

Pablo Neruda Facts 9: the coup d’état

Augusto Pinochet launched coup d’état in Chile. At that time, Neruda had cancer and had to be hospitalized.

Pablo Neruda Facts 10: injection

Five days being hospitalized, he went home. But Neruda suspected the doctor giving him an unknown injection. Six and a half after the injection, Neruda died on 23rd September 1973 at his home.

pablo neruda

pablo neruda

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