10 Interesting James Bowie Facts

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James Bowie facts will be my topic of discussion here. Well, you can also learn further about him based on different sources out there including internet or textbook. The information I provided below are only the basic for any of you to learn.

James Bowie Facts 1: birth

James Bowie was born in Logan County, Kentucky. It was on March 10, 1796. James Bowie was recognized as well in being English and Scottish ancestry.

James Bowie Facts 2: family

It was in 1809 when he and his family settling on Bayou Teche in Lousiana. It was before the finding of permanent home in Opelousas.

James Bowie

James Bowie

James Bowie Facts 3: brother

James Bowie and his brother named John had involved in major court case. It was in the later 1820s over land speculation. It was when United States purchased Lousiana Territory in 1803.

James Bowie Facts 4: Norris Wright

James Bowie became internationally famous to be the result of feud along with Norris Wright. He was the Sheriff of Rapides Parish. Bowie had supported Wright’s opponent in the race for sheriff. He was bank director.

James Bowie facts

James Bowie facts

James Bowie Facts 5: Sandbar Fight

Much newspaper had pickup the story of his involvement into the fight. It was later recognized to be the Sandbar Fight. The newspaper described in detail about his fighting prowess and the unusual knife used.

James Bowie Facts 6: the knife

He used knife in the Sandbar Fight as the weapon to defend himself. Based on this reason, his knife became so much very popular.

James Bowie Image

James Bowie Image

James Bowie Facts 7: Texas

After he was recovered from his wound in 1828 caused by Sandbar Fight, he later decided moving to Texas. It was the time for a state in the Mexican federation.

James Bowie Facts 8:  Maria Ursula

On April 25, 1831, James Bowie married 19 years old named Maria Ursula de Veramendi. She was the daughter of his business partner.

James Bowie Knives

James Bowie Knives

James Bowie Facts 9: Mexican Army

It was because of his involvement in Spanish fluency, he often gained speculation among society to be involved in the movements of Mexican army.

James Bowie Facts 10: Alamo defenders

James Bowie was perished along with the rest of Alamo defenders. It was on March 6. It was also because the attack of Mexican.

James Bowie Painting

James Bowie Painting

The more you learn facts about James Bowie will bring you to the quality consideration about the more basic info out there. Just be more attentive in getting the best quality of it out there from any different sources.

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