10 Interesting Leif Eriksson Facts

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Leif Eriksson facts provide the information about the discovery and exploration to the new world by Eriksson. This man contributed a lot to the discovery of America. He was the son of Eric the Red who created a colony in Greenland. Let’s talk about his experience as an explorer by reading the post below:

Leif Eriksson Facts 1: fame

Leif Eriksson is considered as the first European person to visit the New World. He was a Viking and a Northman because his father was an Eric the Red.

Leif Eriksson Facts 2: date of birth

Leif Eriksson was born on circa 970 in Iceland. However, he had a Norway decent due to his Norway ancestors.  During his life, he created many grape vines. All of them were called as  Wineland or Vinland.

Leif Eriksson Eyes

Leif Eriksson Eyes

Leif Eriksson Facts 3: the first European explorer

As I have stated before, the first European person who traveled to the new World was Leif Eriksson. He went to North American 500 years before Columbus was even born on earth. Learn more on Christopher Columbus facts here.

Leif Eriksson Facts 4: Newfoundland

The first colony that Leif established in located on the northern tip of Newfoundland. He called the area in the colony Vinland.

Leif Eriksson Facts

Leif Eriksson Facts

Leif Eriksson Facts 5: father

Let’s talk about the father of Leif in details.  The name of his father was Erik the Red. He was banished from Norway. He established his own colony in Greenland. His father was a great explorer. It seems that his skill was gifted to Leif.

Leif Eriksson Facts 6: children of Leif

Leif was married to Thorgunna. Both had two sons. They were Thorgils and Thorkell.

Leif Eriksson Old

Leif Eriksson Old

Leif Eriksson Facts 7: Viking sagas

Leif is considered as one of the best Vikings. The legend and story about his life was passed from generation to generation on the Viking sagas. People admire his great exploration to the new world.

Leif Eriksson Facts 8: different accounts

You can find different story about the voyages to Vinland if you read the saga of Greenlander and the saga of Erik. We do not know which one is correct.

Leif Eriksson Statue

Leif Eriksson Statue

Leif Eriksson Facts 9: Christianity

Leif was a Christian person.  He converted to this religion after he traveled to Norway in 999. At that time, he also had a job to convert the people living in Greenland to embrace Christianity.

Leif Eriksson Facts 10: voyage of discovery

The Voyage of discovery was conducted by Leif after he heard about a new land located in the west. He took 35 men as his crew in the journey.

Leif Eriksson Viking

Leif Eriksson Viking

Actually his father wanted to accompany Leif on the journey. But he was badly injured after falling from the horse. Are you satisfied with facts about Leif Eriksson?

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