10 Interesting Jackie French Facts

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Jackie French facts can be your basic information in how you may recognize the most about in how to take benefits from this person’s life. The information below I provide as the basic to learn about her. So, let’s start to discuss here actually.

Jackie French Facts 1: birth

Jackie French was born on 29 November 1953. He was born in Sydney and he grew up well in Brisbane. The fact is that she became so much inspiring for many people out there. The birth should be the basic information to recognize about.

Jackie French Facts 2: awards

She got his awards from her novels such as Hitler’s Daughter and To the Moon and Back. The awards were given by CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Award and also Children’s Book of the Year Award.

Jackie French

Jackie French

Jackie French Facts 3: Prizes

She also got the awards from the CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Award honors. The prizes in fact had been shortlisted.

Jackie French Facts 4: writing

She really gained the fame to become award-winning Australian author. She had written for more than a hundred books. Mostly of her books were children’s fiction and also gardening books.

Jackie French book

Jackie French book

Jackie French Facts 5: Araluen

He later moved to the bush in early age of 20s. He also settled at Araluen which is near Braidwood. She really loves to do gardening and also had presented gardening segments on certain TV series such as Burke’s Backyard.

Jackie French Facts 6: Rain Stones

She began to write Rain Stones to be her first book for children. It was written when she was 30. She also hoped to get enough money to do car registration.

Jackie French facts

Jackie French facts

Jackie French Facts 7: Gladys

She also one lived in tin shed along with black snake named Gladys. She also had a wombat named smudge. 132 books later, she still conducts writing and often dubbed for Australia’s most popular children’s writer. She makes more appearances on television and radio later.

Jackie French Facts 8:  dyslexic

She was recognized as well to be dyslexic. It becomes so much troublesome for her life.

Jackie French Fruit

Jackie French Fruit

Jackie French Facts 9: the works

There are many works of her including Somewhere Around the Corner, Rain Stones, and also Diary of a Wombat.

Jackie French Facts 10: getting the ideas

Jackie French said from where she gained the ideas. It was from walking, chocolate, music, and others. It will be so much helpful indeed for any of you to consider about.

Jackie French Reading

Jackie French Reading

More and more information you can get related facts about Jackie French. It is so much considerate actually about how you get the idea later. So, just be so much concern first about how to get the review out there.

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