10 Interesting Otto Frank Facts

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Find out the interesting information about the father of Anne and Margot Frank on Otto Frank Facts. He was also known as a German-brown Swiss businessman. He was born on 12th May 1889 and died on 19th August 1980. His full name was Otto Heinrich Frank. He was the only member of the family who survived during Holocaust. All members of his family died because of Holocaust. Here are other facts about Frank to notice:

Otto Frank Facts 1: the inheritance

The Diary of a Young Girl was the title of the published diary of Frank’s daughter, Anne Frank. In 1947, he arranged the publication of the diary. The transition of the diary into screenplay and stage play was overseen by Otto Frank. Find facts about Anne Frank here.

Otto Frank Facts 2: the Jewish family

The parents of Frank were Alice Betty and Michael Frank. He was from a Jewish family. Frank was the second son in the family.

Otto Frank in 1968

Otto Frank in 1968

Otto Frank Facts 3: the siblings

Helene, Herbert and Robert Frank were the siblings of Otto Frank. The furniture designer Jean-Michel Frank was the cousin of Frank. Zacharias Frank was the grandfather of Otto Frank.

Otto Frank Facts 4: the education of Frank

In 1908 until 1909, he attended Heidelberg to study economics. When he was in New York City, he was at Macy’s Department Store for working experience placement.

Otto Frank 1977

Otto Frank 1977

Otto Frank Facts 5: World War 1

During the World War 1, he had his service at the Imperial German army.

Otto Frank Facts 6: the military service and training

Frank was trained in Mainz before he served the army in August 1915. The soldiers during the training were mostly surveyors and mathematicians.

Otto Frank Facts 7: the battles in World War 1

In 1916, he participated at the Battle of the Somme where he served as a range finder in the infantry. Frank earned the promotion as a lieutenant in the field in 1917. He was also called for service at the Battle of Cambrai.

Battle of Somme

Battle of Somme

Otto Frank Facts 8: marriage and kids

On 12th May 1925, Otto Frank married Edith Holländer. On 16 February 1926, Margot Betty was born. On 12th June 1929, Anne Frank was born.

Otto Frank Facts 9: Nazism

Otto tried to evacuate his family to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to avoid Nazism. When Nazism reached the country, the family went on hiding. Eventually the family was caught by Nazism.

Edith Frank Stolperstein

Stolperstein für Edith Frank am Pastorplatz in Aachen. Foto: Turelio (via Wikimedia-Commons)

Otto Frank Facts 10: the sole survivor

On 27th January 1945, the barracks where Frank was imprisoned were liberated by the Soviet. He realized that he was the sole survivor of the family by the end of 1945. Check facts about concentration camps here.

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