10 Interesting Osprey Facts

Sunday, September 14th 2014. | Animals

If you want to know the animal that was famous as a fish catcher, you have to read Osprey Facts. There are several unique ideas that you can find out by reading the following post about osprey. You will know the diet, place of living and range. Here are the interesting osprey facts for you:

Osprey Facts 1: fish hawk

Many people call osprey as the fish hawk. They will like to catch the fish as the main diet from the shallow of water. They will dive inside the water to get it.

Osprey Facts 2: diet

If you think that osprey only eats fish, you are wrong. There are many other animals that osprey like to eat such as crustaceans, reptiles, birds, and many more.

Osprey Facts

Osprey Facts

Osprey Facts 3: sea fish

Sea fish is the main diet for some types of osprey.  The ospreys in the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Menorca like to grab the sea fish.

Osprey Facts 4: the nest

Even though osprey likes to get the fish from sea, most of them live in nest located near the fresh water area such as the loch and lakes. When you come to Britain, it is easier for you to spot the ospreys in freshwater areas.

Osprey Flies

Osprey Flies

Osprey Facts 5: the bird

One of the most distributed birds in the world is the osprey. You can find it living in Asia, Coast of Australia, Northern Europe, and North America. Get facts about bird here.

Osprey Facts 6: the British bred osprey

The British bred osprey has unique habit. After the breeding season, all of them will travel to Africa.  You can sport them in Gambia and Senegal during the winter season.

Osprey Images

Osprey Images

Osprey Facts 7: The young osprey

When the young osprey is three years old, they will decide to leave West Africa to move to the north. It was the first time for the young osprey to fly in such a far distance. Most of them will breed in the next year.

Osprey Facts 8: sub Saharan Africa

There is no need to wonder if you can find the osprey living in sub-Saharan Africa.  It is called as the most suitable habitat for them. However, they will never breed here.

Osprey Pictures

Osprey Pictures

Osprey Facts 9: egg collectors

There are many egg collectors which make people steal the eggs from the osprey. Therefore, the osprey has to protect the eggs as soon as they get back.

Osprey Facts 10: Scotland

Scotland is called as one of good places for the osprey to breed. You can find at least 200 breeding pairs of osprey here.

Osprey Wingspans

Osprey Wingspans

Can you tell me the life span of Osprey? It can live up to 10 years old. Do you want to give opinion on facts about osprey?

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