10 Interesting NYU Facts

Saturday, September 6th 2014. | Education

NYU Facts give adorable ideas about New York University. It is called as one of the largest private universities in United States.  Have you ever visited this university?   If you are in New York, you can come here and enjoy the great view inside the university. Here are the interesting facts about NYU:

NYU Facts 1: foundation

New York University was established in 1831. There are five centers of NYU in Manhattan, New York.  It consists of 14 schools, divisions and colleges.

NYU Facts 2: branches

Even though the base of NYU is located in Manhattan, you can also find some branches of NYU located in other countries and other parts of United States.

NYU Campus

NYU Campus

NYU Facts 3: employers

Since NYU is very big, it needs a lot of employers. Do you know that NYU has 16,000 employees? Therefore, it is called as one of the largest employer universities in USA?

NYU Facts 4: programs

There are many kinds of programs in NYU. In 1832, The College of Arts and Science or CAS was established. In 1835, The School of Law was included in NYU.

NYU Facts

NYU Facts

NYU Facts 5: alumni

There were nearly 420,000 alumni from NYU. All of them come from US and foreign countries in the world. The students who come from other countries occupy 9.7 percent of the all students in NYU.

NYU Facts 6: libraries

The libraries in NYU are very big. You can find 4.5 million volumes in their eight libraries. You can find 3.3 million volumes at Elmer Holmes Bobst Library and Study Center.

NYU Logo

NYU Logo

NYU Facts 7: information about the NYU

NYU was founded on 18 April 1831.  The mascot of this university is Bobcat. Can you tell me the nickname of NYU? It is Violets. The official color is also violet.

NYU Facts 8: honors and awards

There are many awards and honors that NYU gets. There are 3 Abel Prizes, 7 Lasker Awards, 4 Pulitzer Awards, and 68 Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



NYU Facts 9: location

The main location of New York University is at Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York. Get New York facts here.

NYU Facts 10: Academy Awards

It is a surprising fact to know that NYU had 30 Academy Awards.



Since 1950, NYU has been included as a nonprofit organization. People can pursue the education without spending a lot of fees. Do you want to comment on facts about NYU?

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