10 Interesting UC Berkeley Facts

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Let us find out the details about the public research university on UC Berkeley Facts. Just as its name suggested, it is situated in Berkeley, California. People often call it simply Cal, UC Berkeley or Berkeley. The University of California system has 10 research Universities where Berkeley is considered as one of the oldest. In United States, UC Berkeley is often called as the top university. There is no need to wonder that many students in US and other parts of the world try to enroll here. Check other interesting facts about UC Berkeley below:

UC Berkeley Facts 1: the foundation of UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley was established in 1868 after the public Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College in Oakland merged with the private College of California.  At first, it was called University of California.

UC Berkeley Facts 2: the programs

UC Berkeley offers various disciplines for the potential students. It has at least 350 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Facts about UC Berkeley

Facts about UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Facts 3: United States Department of Energy National Laboratories

United States Department of Energy National Laboratories has three laboratories co-managed by UC Berkeley. They are Los Alamos National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

UC Berkeley Facts 4: Nobel Prize

UC Berkeley is a renowned university in the world. Do you know that 92 Nobel prizes have been earned by the researchers, alumni and faculty of UC Berkeley? See facts about UCLA here.

UC Berkeley Facts

UC Berkeley Facts

UC Berkeley Facts 5: the other prominent medals

UC Berkeley also obtains other medals like 22 Turing Awards, 13 Fields Medals, 9 Wolf Prizes, 14 Pulitzer Prizes, 20 Academy Awards and 45 MacArthur Fellowships.

UC Berkeley Facts 6: the periodic table

The researchers and scientists from the university have contributed to the field of chemistry by discovering 16 chemical elements for the periodic table. Get facts about NYU here.

UC Berkeley Image

UC Berkeley Image

UC Berkeley Facts 7: the research activity

The research activity in Cal is very high. In 2014, the expenditure for the research and development was around $744 million.

UC Berkeley Facts 8: the funding

The university tried to look for the private sources to fund their research and development because of the decreased funding from the state.

UC Berkeley Mascot

UC Berkeley Mascot

UC Berkeley Facts 9: the awarded degrees in 2013/2014

In 2013/2014, the university produced 930 Doctoral students, 2,610 Master students and 7,565 Bachelor students.

UC Berkeley Facts 10: the colleges and schools

UC Berkeley is divided in a number of colleges and schools, which include the School of Information, College of Chemistry, Goldman School of Public Policy, and College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley Extension, School of Optometry and others.

Facts about UC Berkeley

Facts about UC Berkeley

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