10 Interesting Auburn University Facts

Friday, November 15th 2013. | Education

Auburn University facts give you the official information of one of the interesting universities in US. Many people think that auburn university has two mascots. Actually it only has one mascot. It is a Siberian tiger. This mascot presents the strength. Here are other facts about auburn university that you can learn:

Auburn University Facts 1: the golden eagle

Many people think that the mascot of auburn university is golden eagle due to the greeting line for War Eagle. It is not true because as I have stated before the tiger is the true mascot.

Auburn University Facts 2: colors

Do you know the official color in auburn university? It is burnt orange and navy blue.

Auburn University  facts

Auburn University facts

Auburn University Facts 3:”War Eagle”

The most famous greeting in auburn university is War Eagle. There are more than 270,000 alumni for Auburn University who always greet other alumni using War Eagle Greeting.

Auburn University Facts 4: toilet paper

There is a line item created by the official in Auburn University. Thus, this University is considered as the only one in the world which has a budget for cleaning the toilet paper.

Auburn University  in USA

Auburn University in USA

Auburn University Facts 5: winner of football

Just like any other universities in the world, auburn university also has their favorite football team. There is a unique traditional conducted by the people when their football team wins the game. They will roll the live oaks to the campus from the the historic Toomer’s corner.

Auburn University Facts 6: tiger walk

Another tradition in auburn university can be a tiger walk. It has been done since in the beginning of 1960s. This tradition is held by the fan for the football team to give support by walking from Sewel Hall to reach Jordan hare Stadium.

Auburn University Samford Hall

Auburn University Samford Hall

Auburn University Facts 7: Hey day

Hey day is another culture that people can learn from auburn university. Each day people can say hey to other.  In each year, the university has a heyday to greet people.

Auburn University Facts 8: Southeastern Raptor Center

Auburn university is not only place for you to study. You can also see the rehabilitation of bird of prey in Southeastern Raptor Center.

Auburn University

Auburn University

Auburn University Facts 9: Jordan-Hare Stadium

Jordan-Hare Stadium is located in Auburn. It is called as the fifth largest city in Alabama. This stadium becomes in the main football field for the Auburn football team.

Auburn University Facts 10: rules

There are some weird rules in Auburn University.  Spitting on the floor church is forbidden.



Since auburn universe is located in Lee County, you should never sell peanuts here on Wednesday after the sun down. It is considered as an illegal action. What do you think on facts about auburn university?

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